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Anderson Silva is officially ‘The Man’

The greatest thing about Anderson Silva winning on Saturday night was that we can now get rid of this annoying “Fedor P4P” argument. It’s now a lock: Anderson Silva is the best pound for pound fighter in the world, no debate. He hasn’t just beaten everyone he’s faced, he’s destroyed them. He’s literally embarassed them. Rich Franklin ended up needing a new face both times they fought. Dan Henderson left the Octagon on Saturday with a look in his eyes that you normally reserve for dudes coming back from Iraq. Anderson Silva is the fucking best. Period. Tampax. Heavy flow styles.

At this point there’s really no one left for Silva to face. Or correction: there’s no one left for Silva to face that has any kind of serious chance of beating him. I’ve wracked my brain trying to think of anyone at 185 with any kind of chance. Lindland? He’s like a smelly Hendo. Okami? He’ll get his soon enough. The only guys who might be able to beat Anderson are BJ Penn and GSP, but even these guys would most likely lose on account of the size difference.

No, for real. Anderson Silva is simply the best.

  • dignan says:

    Yep. He fucking ruled Hendo. Fucking ruled him.

    Did Silva give major props to Franklin because he wanted to get cheered by the Ohio fans???

    Silva just fucking toys with you, and than puts on a fucking clinic. He was scary good man.


  • dignan says:

    SORRY…I forgot to mention who I want to be next in line.

    Either: Kalib “Axe Gash” Starnes, or Ed “Short Fuse” Herman. Maybe both at the same time. I want to see those two take a fucking beating.

  • Captain says:

    I don’t know why but I kinda want to see Robbie Lawler fight Anderson. Not saying Lawler has a good chance; I just think it would be fun to watch.

  • charles says:

    “It’s now a lock: Anderson Silva is the best pound for pound fighter in the world, no debate.”

    But Sam Caplan would have us believe that title goes to GSP due to his better wrestling, good looks and his mighty lion heart.

    I just don’t know what to believe.

  • Dangerfield says:

    Melvin Manhoef

  • CacophonyKid says:

    What about the Baby Jay Penn?

  • Mobb Deep says:

    I think Frank Shamrock should be next. Its a perfect way for Dana to punish Frank for talking shit about him all these years.

    Or Lindland, to punish him for being boring all these years.

  • No Sir. Too small.

    So for his next act he wants to dable in Pro Boxing in order to “legitimize” MMA. And word on the street is he’s harbored a little hero worship for Roy Jones Jr. Sure that guy is a little past his prime, but that fight would be nutz.

  • Oops, beat me too it.

    I meant BJ is too small. Anyone?

  • #1 jackal says:

    winner of fedor and couture take on silvia.

    and then I wake up from a bed flooded, soaking, wet dream

  • Stevie. G says:

    I can’t disagree. For the last four fights I’ve thought Silva was going to be exposed. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Let me explain…

    – I thought Lutter was going to expose his ground game (and I felt after the fight he almost did.)

    – I thought Nate Marquart was going to pick up where Lutter left off as he has sick wrestling and BJJ. He got toasted.

    – I thought a refocussed Franklin would have an answer to Silva. His answer was another trip to the plastic surgeon.

    – Dan Henderson had to be the one to bring down Anderson, right? After a fairly dominant round he winds up suffering the exact same fate.

    I quit. Anderson Silva is unbeatable at this stage of his career. Maybe I just need to see Silva beat Lutter again just so I can see that the mount position Lutter acheived and botched was a fluke. That’s the main reason I gave anyone a glimmer of hope since.

  • Wu Tang says:

    Man people still think that Hendo and Lutter can beat Silva. They all boast on how Hendo and Lutter took Silva down and held him there. Even as Hendo and Lutter lost, they still believe that those two are better than Silva. Saying that Silva got lucky with the wins…………. Man are they serious? Silva destroyed them, sure maybe the first round went to his opposition, but they COULD NOT FINISH SILVA, yet in the second round it was theatrics of The Spider showcasing his dominance over those two fighters. And those who still believe that Hendo and Lutter are better than Silva, wants both of them to get a rematch with Silva, just becaue it wasnt their day versus the Spider. All i can say is that they have to stay be in line. If you get knocked off, guess what, you have to start over. That means go back to fighting TUF guys then work your way up to fighting Franklin or Okami calibar, if you succeed then, then you would be granted a title shot. Many fail to see that Lutter and Hendo were ‘given’ a title shot without work what so ever. So yeah, fuck Hendo, fuck Lutter! Okami is next in line and Okami will do hte impossible, and that is to take the title from the Spider. Then Okami will avenge his loss to Franklin then after that, fight a rubber match with Silva which will be so epic that the uninverse cant contain it self and self-destruct at how awesome the rubber matchwill be between these two (technically not rubber if Okami wins his second bout with Silva). You read it here, from me. :)

  • Jemaleddin says:

    I’m sort of at a loss for who else he should fight as well: Frank Trigg? Jason Miller? Robbie Lawler?

    But Silva has Fought as low as 167, I think, so he could spend some time destroying the welterweights I guess, and then BJ could fight up and crush him. :-)

    I agree that he’s surpassed Fedor: You have to actually fight to be the best fighter.

    GSP is the best athlete in MMA. Too bad it’s about fighting and not one of those fitness competitions, or he’d be the best P4P. :-)

  • Zane says:

    Thank the lord. I could not agree more, I got into an argument on the 5 oz. forum with Sam Caplan on who was better P4P. And his man crush on GSP (even bigger than yours) clouded his judgment when he said that he was better than Silva. GSP is 2-2 in title fights compared to Andeson Silva at 5-0. Caplan said it was because he thought that Silva’s lack of wrestling was enough to put him over the top. When he said this all that could come to me was, if Silva is a bad wrestler, than GSP has a suspect chin. Silva has never lost a fight because of his wrestling, GSP has lost a fight because of his chin. Silva has never even been close to being finished, which is an obvious no, he hasn’t even been in trouble. He is the definition of consistency, going undefeated and finishing all of his opponents, and he only gets better when the stakes are raised. GSP on the other hand is amazing when its just a regular fight, but when it’s for the title he is inconsistent. Don’t get me wrong I think GSP is definitely number 2, with BJ number 3. I don’t see how you can argue that. just my opinion

  • Boog says:

    I disagree about your assessment of Lindland. He is not a “smelly Hendo.” Lindland isn’t a brawler like Hendo. Lindland won’t get right-hand happy. He’d stick to the gameplan.

    I still think that Silva would win, but Lindland would do better than Dan did.

  • Wu Tang says:

    Smellly Linland will lose. He doesnt fare well versus Brazilians. If it goes to the ground, ill give Silva the advantage. Look at the way he handled Hendo! Also, this kinda sorta but not really relates to this topic, but Jacare RAPED LINLIND in ADCC a few years ago. So yea, Brazilians are better than Smelly old guy. PERIOD!!! TAMPOX LEEKING FoOlS!1!!

  • CacophonyKid says:

    Now that Shogun can’t ‘roid, maybe he’ll step down to 185 and lay down some hurt on the Spider.

  • If Forrest could take Shogun in the stand up imagine what Anderson would do to him. I do think Shogun would be able to take Anderson down and lay on him for a round until he gassed.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Its funny how people think that if Hendo stuck to his gameplam he would have won. Newsflash: Hendo did stick to his gameplan, did everyone forget the failed takedown attempt in the second round? Do you seriously think that Silva can be taken down at will? As the Cro Cop saying goes, everyone has a plan until they get hit. And thats what happened. Hendo’s gameplan went out the window once Anderson started landing his shots. Face it, the man is just that good. And Lindland would last with the Spider as long as Leben did, cause he can’t even pretend to be able to stand with Silva.

  • Boog says:

    “Smellly Linland will lose. He doesnt fare well versus Brazilians. If it goes to the ground, ill give Silva the advantage. Look at the way he handled Hendo! Also, this kinda sorta but not really relates to this topic, but Jacare RAPED LINLIND in ADCC a few years ago. So yea, Brazilians are better than Smelly old guy. PERIOD!!! TAMPOX LEEKING FoOlS!1!!”

    Lindland is 2-1 vs. Brazilians in MMA, with wins over Schembri and Leopoldo, who are outstanding BJJ players. Who cares what Jacare did to Lindland in ADCC? Sub-grappling != MMA. See Marquardt/Lister.

  • Echolocating says:

    I’ll tell you who Anderson Silva should fight. He should fight Silva. No, not himself, you dumb fucks… Wanderlei.

    Wanderlei’s too small for 205 and he needs to move down and fight Anderson pronto. Maybe Jardine will kick his ass at UFC 84 and we’ll see that fight as soon as Wanderlei heals up. 😉

  • Atom says:

    #22- I don’t think Wandy could get a title shot after four losses in a row.

    Not only do I not know who I think Silva should fight next, I can’t think of anyone in the MW division that he
    wouldn’t be a 3:1 favorite over.

  • We were talking about the idea of Wanderlei fighting Silva during our radio show, it’d be awesome but yeah, he’d have to a)lose to jardine (not gonna happen) then b) earn a title shot. All in all that’s a while away. The UFC has 6 months to find some new contenders for Anderson :-p

  • Michael says:

    Anderson Silva is the most dominant fighter in any weight class. Why people can’t separate this from best pound for pound is beyond me. If he were naturally 15lbs lighter would he tear through GSP? I don’t think so. 20lbs heavier would he tear through Rampage and Machida? I don’t think so.

    He’s the most dominant fighter in any weight class in the world. That doesn’t make him the best pound for pound fighter, it just makes him the world’s greatest middleweight.

  • good point, but even if you take away the weight advantage i still think he’d take GSP. Penn I’d have to see fight a few more times, I’m uncertain on him. It would take GSP on a great night and Silva on a bad night for GSP to barely win.

    I definitely think he’d take Rampage out. I’ve never seen anything from Machida to say he’d be a real challenge but it would be interesting to see how their styles would match. That’s actually why I’m still interested in seeing Silva fight Okami – i wanna see how Anderson handle’s Okami’s fighting style.

  • MJC_123 says:

    Who is left outside of the division?….Matt Lindland maybe?, but even then Anderson Silva would walk through him, after all hes technically a wrestler and I would rate Hendo above him so thats another victory for the spida!

    The only concern is this leaves very few big money and big draw fights left for Anderson Silva as he has wiped the divison clean, maybe only Wanderlei but then he has more money to make and a score to settle with Lidell so don’t see him coming down anytime soon in weight…..If Hendo had won then maybe but not now.

    Still you never know one of the new TUF guys may beat him and Bisping has just cut weight !!!!!

  • killNU says:

    blah fuck n blah blah what i love is how all this fandom is so important look if you look at any ones MMA record you will see that on any given night you can be beat no 1 has a perfect record for too long all
    fans want there fav to be unbeatable so they blind themselves to being objective really i could care less about these pissing contests

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