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Anderson Silva is not dropping his belt

Despite rumors to the contrary, Anderson Silva is not planning on relinquishing his middleweight championship in order to fight at light-heavy full-time. Ed Soares, Silva’s manager, says the rumor of Silva dropping the belt (unlike the rumor about my extraordinary sexual stamina) is simply not true.

I never said he would move up and relinquish the title. I have said to Dana that he’d like to fight again at 205.

If you’ve spent your workdays daydreaming about Silva permanently fighting at 205, you can officially cut that shit out. Expect the pound-for-pound king to meet Dan Henderson in a 185 pound title rematch sometime before the end of the year, but don’t expect Soares to be all that happy about it.

Does [Henderson’s recent string of victories] really make him a number one contender? I feel a true number one opponent would be if Henderson fought the winner of Nate Marquardt and Damian Maia. That would produce a true number one contender. [In the meantime] we could take another fight at 205 or a catchweight fight.

Would Hendo against either Marquardt or Maia produce a more clear-cut top contender to the crown? No doubt. But that would take some time, which is a valuable commodity in the fight business. Also, pitting Hendo against either Maia or Marquardt would essentially eliminate valuable contenders from the title picture, which is also the reason we can’t have Silva moving back to 205 anytime soon if he’s not fighting for the belt.

The next time Silva moves up in weight, it should be to fight for the championship, which might not be for a while. The winner of the Machida-Shogun fight is going to have his hands full with Rampage Jackson, should he get past Rashad Evans. Silva, on the other hand, has a real stiff test in front of him in Dan Henderson, which will likely be followed by the Marquardt-Maia winner. If “The Spider” and “The Dragon” each still hold their respective titles after another defense or two, then we can start talking seriously about a superfight between them. But until then, it’s merely a pipe dream.