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Anderson Silva is gonna save Batman

Anderson Silva put up his second video blog ever, and he was kind enough to add English subtitles this time so us North American fans can follow along in his adventures. Aside from the great gif above of Andy being left hanging on a high five, he also talks about some Batman fan-fic he wrote:

You created a new Batman story?
Yeah it’s the best one yet. It’s what is gonna save Batman.

Are you going to start a new trilogy?
No. It continues. We’ve got Superman, that has super powers and doesn’t get old. We’ve got the Hulk, that gets mad and turns green. We’ve got other super heroes, but Batman doesn’t have super powers and he gets old. That is when my story begins… Old Batman. Yes!

Sure, it’s been done before by one of the comic book greats, but why not? If he was making Manny Pacquiao money, he might be able to afford getting his project off the ground. Hell, even with Anderson Silva money he could make something happen. It’d just have to be one of those regional superhero movies.