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Anderson Silva has never turned down a fight

I hate it when fighters hum and haw over taking fights. I think maybe you do to? It’s been happening a fuckton of a lot lately and it’s really starting to yam my potatoes. But Anderson Silva’s manager puts it into terms I think we all agree sound reasonable:

“I mean, you know what? There’s a lot of things going on. I mean as far as competitors. I think all of them, I look at Anderson’s career and I just want Anderson being involved in the biggest fights possible. Unfortunately, in the middleweight division right now, it’s kind of a little bit murky in that area because the guys who are out there earning their shots aren’t very potentially big fights. There’s just not a huge amount of fights right now. So I think we need the dust to settle a little bit, let Anderson let his body rest. He’s not a young guy anymore, he’s 37 years old and he wants to take some time between his fights. At the end of the day whoever the UFC puts in front of us, we’ve never turned down a fight. Not only Anderson but none of our fighters have ever turned down a fight. Whoever the UFC deems is best then we’ll go ahead and take it. We’ll cross that bridge when it comes.”

“We’ve been cajoled, dragged, and forced kicking and screaming into fights, but we’ve never actually turned one down.” Fair enough. And after a string of questionable challengers like Irvin, Cote, and Leites, can you really blame Silva’s camp for being a little choosy?

  • Reverend Clint says:

    move up then dumbass

  • voice of reason says:

    you got it the wrong way around. Irvin, Cote, and Leites were gifts from ufc to silva, they shouldn’t make him picky, i’m sure he liked the free wins. It’s the difficult fights like hendo and sonnen that make him picky.

  • Nachtfalter says:

    Yeah, I can blame them. It’s not a champion’s place to be picky. Absolutely every other fighter can reject absolutely every fight at any time for all I care, but not the champion. If you’ve got that belt, you defend it against the most worthy challenger at each particular point in time. No ifs and buts. No picking and choosing. If the most worthy challenger sucks… too bad. Them’s the breaks. You fight the most appropriate challenger or you fucking vacate your belt.

    This shit is driving me nuts. I love watching both Anderson and Jon Jones fight, but I have absolutely zero tolerance for them complaining about potential challengers or hinting at maybe not accepting a fight. Fuck that. This isn’t boxing. If you don’t feel like defending your belt, go to another sport.

  • bosswell says:

    Nachtfalter. Well said

  • TheButtStrangler says:

    Why should he when that homo dana keeps doing everything he can to gift him:

    Yes, the only challenge left for the alleged GOAT after loitering in a cleared out division for 3-4 years is to fight a smaller man.

  • Sodomize Intolerance says:

    Irvin was at 205, which Anderson chose to do so he could try for two belts. Irvin is his fucking problem.