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Anderson Silva finally sells … too bad he sold a lemon

It only took a massive media push that included an Anderson-headlining UFC Fight Night event and a special Unleashed episode devoted to his knockouts for people to start taking Silva seriously as a headliner. MMA Payout has estimated that UFC90 will pull just over 600,000 buys, which is great for the UFC considering how balls the card was, but not so great when you think of how the event ended.

It’s pretty ironic that the UFC had to convince people that Anderson Silva was the man, only to have his first really successful PPV tank with the most FUBAR main event in recent history. Suffice to say, this was not not a positive step forward for the sport, the UFC, or Anderson Silva. After what just happened with Standgate, we all wanted a pure MMA experience to fall back on. Say what you will about Cote being a lamb to the slaughter, there is still something uplifting about seeing the world’s best mixed martial artist in action. Too bad that didn’t work out so well.