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Anderson Silva doesn’t fight, he dominates

Bloody Elbow does a good job of condensing all the statistics from Fightmetric into an easy to read graph that shows just how fucking good Anderson Silva is. It’s not just that Anderson beats everyone he fights, it’s that he absolutely DOMINATES them. Ya know, like Gina Carano dominates cookies. Are we done with the Gina jokes yet? Maybe in a few more days. I feel like Austin Powers at the moment saying “Moley moley moley”. I just need to get that shit out of my system.

Back to Anderson. I don’t know exactly what the numbers in this chart represent, but the overall concept is pretty simple. The higher your score, the better you did. The lower your opponent’s score, the worse they did. When you add the scores up from all his fights, Anderson’s got 1767 points to his opponent’s 501. In other words, he’s spent the majority of his career absolutely destroying people in one sided affairs. If Silva’s scores were school marks, we’d be stuffing him in lockers and stealing his lunch money for being the biggest geek in the universe. On the other side of the equation, test scores like his opponents got would result in a ride on the short bus and a mandatory hockey helmet.

  • godzillad says:

    Chonan was making Anderson look like he hadn’t fought before, this is just CompuBox bullshit.

  • fightfan says:

    Even if Anderson fractures Hendo’s face in a dozen pieces, people will continue to say Silva’s not that good.

    The dude is just scary good. He doesnt just win, he dominates and embarasses opponents.

    Of his 4 losses….

    1 was Chonan’s crazy flying scissor heel hook thing(even in this fight , Silva was dominating the whole fight)

    1 was DQ because Silva KO’d Okami while he was lying flat on his back. I can see the rule that protects downed opponents from being kicked, but WHEN the one doing the kicking is on his back, it should’nt apply

    1 was during a PRIDE event in 02 or 03

    1 was his very frist fight, a decision loss in 2000

    Plus 20 wins on his record. I really hope to see an all out war, but I think that Silva is going do some plastic surgery with his knees on Hendo’s face

  • Dangerfield says:

    Nah the scores in the Chonan Silva match agree with the fact that silva was owned. In fact Silva has lower scores than his opponent in only two of his four loses.

  • GonzoDamon says:

    I find that most people that comment on the Chonan vs. Silva fight just simply haven’t watched it in quite a while or haven’t watched it. Most of the time the years have blurred the reality, especially with Anderson looking so dominate lately. Tat is a fairly good fight to test if you are speaking to someone that is truly knowledgeable about MMA or you’re talking to someone that just runs their mouth about things that they know nothing about.

    The truth is that Anderson WAS NOT dominating that fight in any fashion. I would say that he had probably landed the stronger punches, but Ryo was nearly winning every exchange. Well, put it this way, Ryo would have won the fight if he had not decided to try the flying heel hook and it went to the judges.

    Ryo has had some good fights! I was actually worried for my boy Karo, but The Piranha seemed to be full of hesitation. Hopefully, the UFC gives Chonan some more fights and he goes for the kill or shines in one of the new Japanese organizations.

  • godzillad says:

    ”1 was Chonan’s crazy flying scissor heel hook thing(even in this fight , Silva was dominating the whole fight)”

    Hey look, retards are making their way over here.

  • GonzoDamon says:

    I wasn’t referring specifically to you Godzillad, idiot. And for the record, I was here three format changes ago, bitch.

    I was simply stating that this fight was a good indicator of MMA knowledge.

  • GonzoDamon says:

    Well watch the damn fight! Don’t just make an assumption by what Josh Barnett said years later on the Pride Decade show! Seriously, Silva WAS NOT DOMINATING THAT FIGHT!!

    WATCH THE FIGHT! That’s all that I ask! If you STILL THINK THAT Silva was beating Ryo….

  • GonzoDamon says:

    Sorry, I just woke up! You were actually agreeing with me, Godzillad! Yeah, Anderson was losing that fight!!

    Great, now I have to disassemble this voodoo doll….