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Anderson Silva deems Nate Marquardt worthy

Perhaps finally realizing that he’s not helping his PPV numbers (and therefore his wallet) by dismissing all his opponents as unworthy of holding his jockstrap, Anderson Silva talks up a future opponent:

“I think the next champion of this category will be Nate Marquardt,” Anderson said, praising the American fighter who is coming off of a victory over Demian Maia. “If I’m not over with the belt, I believe Nate will be the next champion 84kg, the next guy to win for a long, long time this way.”

Silva also pointed out that Marquardt has improved a lot since losing to by TKO (Punches) him two years ago at UFC 73.

“I’ve been following all his fights and he has evolved a lot since the last time we fought. He has evolved a lot, it’s hard, has a good feature for a fighter, evolved a lot during the fight. I believe he is the next champion in that category, “he added Anderson, who is tipped to put the title match against Vitor Belfort in 2010.

Nate’s next fight is against Chael Sonnen at UFC 109 in February, and it’s the only fight on the main card with any serious implications. If he wins, he’ll undoubtedly get the next crack at Anderson after the Belfort fight (which, by the way, is currently pencilled in for the UFC’s trip to Abu Dhabi in April). And if he loses … well, let’s not think about that. It would be a bitter twist of fate for Marquardt to lose to Chael ‘Mr Decision’ Sonnen now that he’s finally exciting to watch.