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Anderson Silva almost murdered one of his coaches

More fun news from the Brazilian media – bless you Google Translate for opening up this door into a whole other world of MMA media coverage! This one takes a look at a biography published last week about Anderson Silva. In it, we learn some not so flattering things about everyone’s favorite pound for pound legend:

The book tells that once the champion in a time of financial difficulties, was teaching jiu-jitsu, and Cordeiro, coach of Chute Boxe in Curitiba did not want him to continue. In a heated argument, Anderson came to take a slap from the technician. After that, with two other boys, he went to a place where Cordeiro was and had a gun in his hand waiting for his then enemy. But if handled and gave up. Criticized by two companions, he was mocked and asked to desist from the action.

Today, Anderson and Rafael Cordeiro remain as good friends, and world champion UFC middleweight continues to train with the master sometimes in Las Vegas. That led to repercussions when the biography was published last week. Anderson said that even today he hadn’t told the friend about his former intention in a moment of anger.

“I did not tell, I think he’ll have to read the book. I ended up looking because my son said ‘Dad, you saw that the book? They are saying that you were trying to kill Rafael ‘. I said ‘Cool, let me see what it is and then I’ll call you.’ But it speak the truth in the book. It was a stage in my life that I had nothing and only the gift that God gave me to teach and I almost did a silly thing,” he said.


Man what I’d give to be a fly on the wall when Rafael and Anderson talked that one out. “Yeah, my bad. But in my defense, how can he slap???” The biography also apparently tells the story of a deceased daughter and how Anderson ‘blames himself’ for her death, among other things. I’ll update you on that once I figure out how to Google Translate an entire e-book.