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Anderson says fuck the UK, fuck Thales Leites

Those looking forward to seeing Anderson Silva in London this April are gonna be disappointed: he’s just publicly stated he won’t be fighting on the card because February ‘isn’t enough time’ to prepare. This of course is total bullshit, if you ask me. My opinion is that Anderson Silva’s “Fight anyone anywhere” attitude has changed due to the “anyone” part of the equation being abused by the UFC. Michael Rome sees things the same way:

It’s very clear to me that this is not a time issue, just a few months ago Anderson wanted to be fighting all the time.   It’s obvious that Anderson had no interest in fighting guys like Luis Cane or Thales Leites, and he appears to be more interested in boxing training than fighting guys on that level.

What can be done for Anderson Silva at this point?   The middleweight division is a mess, none of the potential fights are marketable, and it sounds like he isn’t interested in fighting unless the fight is a big fight.   There are obviously 185 options all over the world that would be interesting to hardcore fans, but Anderson seems to be only interested in doing big fights.

Here’s the problem with big fights though: why let Anderson Silva destroy dudes like Quinton Jackson and Chuck Liddell when Silva is just planning on riding off into the sunset once his contract is done? The UFC seems to be avoiding setting up big fights for the middleweight champ. Too many of it’s big names are on the ropes at the moment and a loss to Silva could mean two or more dudes retiring this summer instead of just one. I can definitely understand where Anderson is coming from too. The dude is trying to create a legacy for himself and the best the UFC can find for him to fight is James Irvin, Patrick Cote, and Thales Leites?