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Anderson denies any plan to train Rich against Wand

Remember yesterday we were talking about Anderson Silva training Rich Franklin in preparation for his fight against Wanderlei Silva? Well now Anderson is denying that this is going to happen because Wand is a Brazilian and as Paulo Filho taught us, Brazilians don’t whore themselves out to help Americans beat other Brazilians:

“He didn’t said any word to me about it, but he’s gonna face a Brazilian, so it’s hard that something will happen. I don’t have anything against Franklin either Wanderlei, both are great fighters. In other situation, I’d train with him, for sure. My gym is open for everyone. Whoever goes there can have classes and I won’t have any problems if he decides to go there, that’s the sports’ globalization”, said the UFC middleweight champion, training in Los Angeles after his ninth victory in the Octagon.

Maybe word that Franklin was going to train with Anderson was a bit premature. But I find it odd that MMA Junkie (who broke this news) would get shit wrong on such a simple story. Typically they’re solid like a rock on shit like this. Ah well, I suppose everyone messes up every once in a while.