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Anderson and Wanderlei Taking This Making Up Thing In A Weird Direction

Since you’re all such massive fans of me and my ascension to the front page of Fightlinker (kind of makes you wonder where the hell I ascended from), I’m sure at least a few of you went ahead and tattooed my article on Anderson Silva ending his feud with the Axe Murderer on your lovelies  – for those of you on some kind of erotic bodywork waiting list, they had dinner and squashed their beef, which had spanned years, organizations and weight classes.

Now, in light of Anderson a) leaving Chute Box and b) coaching Rich Franklin in preparation for the latter’s fight with Wanderlei, you’d think the chances of the Silva’s ever training again would reside somewhere in between Dana White regrowing hair and Jake regularly posting here again (zing!). But you’d be wrong:

At the UFC back stages, you and Wanderlei Silva met and ended your problems, and I heard you two could even train together…
It never happened any problem, it was a misunderstanding. We spoke, everything is ok now… If he needs my help, I’ll help him like I help all my friends. We’re together. If I can help him, like I always did…

It’s the next question/answer, however, that kind of fucks with me:

And what you thought about his new face surgery?
Man, he’s more handsome (laughs)… I said to him “Wanderlei, you’re much more handsome… If you had a long hair and a pretty mouth, you’d be like Angelina Jolie (laughs)”. But he’s ok, he did that surgery because of a nose problem and that’s important. The rest is rest, the guys joke with him and that’s normal.

I’ve always gotten the impression that Wanderlei Is Love – from the ‘thanks, my guys’ postfight interviews to maybe the greatest photo ever with Fedor that I CAN’T FUCKING FIND RIGHT NOW (you know which one I mean – they both have weird cowboy hats and wigs) – but I still don’t think I have the balls to walk up to him and say ‘if your mouth were any prettier you’d be like Angelina Jolie.’ To sum up, Anderson Silva is an incredible badass, the end.