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And they were doing so well, too

Guess we can flip the sign back to zero. After 201 days of squeaky clean testing across the UFC and WEC, we’ve got another juicer in our midst. This time it’s Alexandre “Pequeno” Nogueira, who tested positive for Boldenone after getting KO’d by Jose Aldo on June 1st. This just continues the trend of ‘users being losers’ – remember, kids: there’s no substitute for hard work!

Overall, I’m pretty impressed that Zuffa’s fighters have managed to stay so clean lately. Athletic Commissions are working overtime to try and catch users, with the NSAC (and soon CSAC if they can get their shit together) randomly testing fighters whenever they feel like it to prevent cycling. I figured that would send drug suspensions skyrocketing, but so far it hasn’t.

There’s been a few close calls – Tim Credeur would have been collared for amphetamines if he’d fought at the TUF 7 Finale, but he disclosed his Adderall medication and was simply barred from fighting. But ya can’t deny that this has been a much better year for steroid testing, considering the double-clusterfuck of Sherk/Franca last July.