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And the award doesn’t go to…

Frank Mir won knockout of the night, but unfortunately Dana and the gang decided he’d knocked out the crowd more than his opponent and decided ‘no bonus for you!’ The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, but at least they didn’t just throw the money on Dana White’s blackjack tab and instead awarded two Fight of the Night Bonuses instead of one – to Sean Sherk and Evan Dunham (see how goddamn amazing Dunham is? He can even make a Sherk fight good) and Matt Mitrione vs Joey Beltran. I wonder if this mean Beltran doesn’t get fired. He’s pretty much shown that he doesn’t have much other than a rock hard head.

For Submission of the Night, I don’t feel so bad for Sean McCorkle being overlooked since if Submission Defense was a nightclub, Mark Hunt would be stuck outside with Melvin Manhoef and James Toney. But Thiago Tavares redeemed his cred as a Thiago to watch with that standing guillotine and here’s hoping he gets some of that mythical locker room bonus money. In the end you can’t disagree with the UFC throwing Submission of the Night to CB Dollaway, who not only didn’t get choked out by Joe Doerksen like many were expecting but actually did the choking himself.

Now onto some Fightlinker specific awards:

The “Lost Even Though He Won” award: Sean Sherk, both literally and figuratively. You don’t need Fightmetric to proove he didn’t deserve that decision (I’m a big fan of relying on your brain over statistics), but I’m throwing it your way anyways just so you can see the numbers. About the only thing Sean had going for him this fight was takedowns and that vag he opened up above Dunham’s eye. And then on a figurative level, this just shows that Sherk ain’t champion material any more. People keep saying Kenny Florian is the official lightweight gatekeeper but you can slap that label on the Muscle Shark as well.

The “Most Likely to get Fired” award: Mark Hunt. There are just some guys that Dana White doesn’t like. He hates Josh Barnett’s guts and explained that in rousing “He’ll never fight in the UFC again” language. We still don’t know exactly what’s up with the Hunt hate but he made no qualms about the fact that Mark was only fighting because they were contractually obligated to give him a fight. And Hunt didn’t exactly give the UFC any reason to keep him after getting subbed one minute into his fight by a guy who’s better known for his forum trolling than cage fighting.

The “Got Cocky And Paid For It” award: Joe Doerksen. “There’s no way CB Dollaway is gonna tap me.” Too bad it’s CB’s sub defense that sucks, not his offense. Dude’s got a bag full of chokes and he’s handing them out like it’s Christmas.

The “Needs to Learn Some Wrestling” award: Lil Nog, who should have figured this out after last time.

  • Omomatta says:

    “see how goddamn amazing Dunham is? He can even make a Sherk fight good”

    Ryan, you just had a funny. Are you taking drugs son?

    It is nice to see that Dunham got some cash floated his way. I mean, he completely deserved it. He can probably us the money to pick up some femanine napkins for his fancy new eye vageen….

  • CRM_Stephen says:

    Sherk doesn’t fight often enough to keep a gate.

  • frickshun says:

    Sherk lost. But he did 1 thing right, he remembered how to rassle. I’m not a big fan of his but rassle skills are important keys to victory these days & @ a minimum, he’ll continue to have a UFC career.

    Ryan–>has your mancrush finally ended on Croate Policeman yet?

  • Reverend Clint says:

    Ryan you obviously have never read about how much your mind lies to you. never trust eye witness testimony since it’s always flawed, just follow the facts ie statistics. That said Sherk vs Dunham was really close but Dunham did everything better than sherk except for the takedowns.

  • Symbul says:

    In the contentious second round though those takedowns came with shots to the face, difficulty and Dunham got up real quick-like. Cecil “The Highway Bandit” Peoples strikes again.

    What the fuck are they gonna do with Cro Cop now? I think the UFC knows full well what kind of fighter he is and has been for a long time but the guy needs a hug and a kiss from his opponents before he throws now. It’s not just this one fight, he’s been awful for so long the “Old Cro Cop” train must surely be running out of steam.

    If anyone needs to learn some rasslin’ though it’s gotta be Mir. The fight was a snoozer in no small part because of him bullying Cro Cop against the cage, being the much bigger guy, and trying to take him down. I’m not bullish on Cro Cop’s stock but shit, Frank’s takedown attempts weren’t even remotely close.