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An opponent for Evan Tanner?


Okay, okay. For once I’ll actually discuss Evan Tanner’s UFC career. Things have hit a boil on the internet, with the word being that Evan Tanner may return to the Octagon at UFC76 against Marvin Eastman. Not to put down my man Tanner, but I have my doubts. His website is nothing but pictures of fish and sunsets. No one has breathed a word about Evan training since that announcement from Chute Boxe USA. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope that between existential poetry and fixing boats he’s managed to do some sit-ups and maybe a bit of grappling. Eastman is a tough son of a bitch, and if Tanner doesn’t come in ready he’s gonna get whupped.

  • Pontus says:

    Evan is doing the “Rocky IV esque” training.
    But instead of lifting logs and running up mountains he’s doing stuff on his boat.
    Lindland should have done that before he went and got beat in Russia.
    Im really amused by all his updates about the state of Evan Tanner except the mumbo jumbo stuff.
    Evan by movie like montage training!

  • Swedish guy (forreal!) says:

    Seriously, Evan Tanner is really one of the coolest guys around in MMA. Hopes he whoops Silva’s ass if Rich doesn’t.

  • DJ Hapa says:

    Marvin Eastman is coming down to middleweight for this. It won’t be the same Eastman we have see. Tanner is coming off God knows what. So what exactly is Joe Silva thinking by putting Tanner in with Eastman? Shouldn’t Tanner get a tune up fight somewhere like in King of the Cage? Is Dana trying to get Marvin a HL reel KO at Tanner’s expense and the expense of his health?

    I am always cynical and suspicious of fight promoters and their motives. I trust them less than lawyers and I always assume they couldn’t care less about the health of the fighters.

  • Frank says:

    Didn’t Eastman drop to 185lbs to fight Lutter?

  • Jonathan says:

    I wonder if Tanner views working on his boat engine as being the same thing as doing wrist rolls?

    But who knows, Evan Tanner might come into the Octagon one bad motherfucker…I mean, he might have gone to a higher plane of existence of some shit.