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An intruiging proposition

If you’re planning on doing some UFC betting, take a looksie at this. If you’re playing a little money on Forrest Griffin winning as the underdog, why not play the other side as well? BetUS has some pretty sweet odds on picking which round the Jackson/Griffin fight ends. Personally I’m amazed that Griffin’s odds go up to +2500 on the possibility of finishing Jackson late into the fight. In my opinion, if Forrest is gonna win he’s gonna win later rather than sooner.

As always, our sportsbook of choice is BetUS. When you sign up with them and mention us, they give us moneys. But that’s something all sports betting sites do. We support BetUS because the guys there love this site and support us every chance they get. Plus they don’t suck at that whole ‘online gambling’ thing, which is good!

  • fightfan says:

    Damn, with those odds I may have to throw $10 down on Forrest in the fifth. My math aint that great, but at +2500….That $10 pays $250, no?

  • sofian says:

    i’m in canada, can i still register and bet on betUS?

  • Lifer says:

    i’m gonna go out on a limb and assume that the answer to your question is on the BetUS site.

  • Unfortunately, Canadians can’t sign up right now for BetUS :-( The only sportsbook I know that allows you to sign up in canada is

  • Ross says:

    I’d suggest you save your money. Only one of over 70 title fights in the UFC has ended in the fifth round.

  • Lifer says:

    yeah you gotta play statistics when it comes to mma betting!

  • Steve says:

    “Only one of over 70 title fights in the UFC has ended in the fifth round.”


    Once they get into the championship rounds, the dominant fighter usually just looks to grind out a ‘safe’ decision rather than taking risks in an effort to finish the fight.

  • sofian says:

    Lifer is my new enemy, of course the info is on the BETus site but i’m at work and we can’t access gambling sites. Thin ice my friend, I see a grim future for you, so grim I see the reaper’s a long workday

  • Especially knowing the american bastards are all eating hamburgers and hotdogs by the BBQ

  • sofian says:

    see that hadn’t even factored into my threat, but now that I realize that I’m comin to bumf*ck, idaho to get lifer and his hotdog…see you soon (in case this gets seen as a real threat I must disclose that I don’t even know how to get to bumf*ck, idaho)

  • zeke says:

    Hey fightlinker, how did you register on their site from Canada?

  • I don’t wanna go into too much detail because I’m unsure of the legality of what I did, but suffice to say there are ways to get around it, although it’s not easy. Send me a message and i’ll tell ya

  • Lifer says:

    sofian – get back to work you lazy, lazy fuck.

  • sofian says:

    i’m tryin lifer, but the thought of your hotdog is too much to pass up..hehe happy july 4th!!

  • sofian says:

    also I had nothing to respond as your evaluation of me is spot-on sir…good play!

  • Lifer says:

    i’m canadian and vegan sooo i dunno where you’re getting your info son.