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An hour inside the head of Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller

Check out this video of Ariel Helwani talking to Jason Mayhem Miller for an hour in Central Park. Beautiful scenery aside, I can understand if that might seem like a bit too much Mayhem, so here’s some quotable notables:

“During that interview you could not accept me as an actor. And i was in character and I wasn’t breaking it. Lucky Patrick would tell you to fuck off. Jason Miller loves you.”

“I’ve never been more stable and secure in my entire life. And this is coming from someone, like many people in America, who is jobless. I’m in a transitional period and it’s strange. But I chose to lead a strange life.”

“Right after I lost to Dollaway and blew my knee out, I took a realistic view of my career as an ultimate fighter and said to myself nah, I’m not doing this any more it’s not worth it to me. I know a lot of people are sad to hear that because they loved watching me compete and they love the energy I brought into whatever arena i was fighting in. But I’m not afraid to tell myself the truth and if you work at a job and your boss hates you, your job is going to be shitty. And my body. I’ve been doing this fifteen years.”

“I never viewed [Dana White] as my boss. I thought we were fighter promoter. and the way that normally works is the promoter looks out for you and tries to build you up and give you fights that showcase your skills and then put you in a big challenge. We weren’t … he was a boss. He was like ‘Do what I say’ and I had a different vision for the future of mixed martial arts. It just seems like the art has been squeezed out of mixed martial arts. And now it’s a corporate business.”

“I acted like I could still fight after snapping both knees twice. I was so impassioned about it that I just continued to do this and train with the top guys in the world even though I’m kinda nervous about really going hard in a cage. In the cage I was concerned all the time and sure enough it happened – that why I had my knee so wrapped up i nthe last fight, i was like come on do not pop out again or I’m done. It happened, and I was done. I stick to my word.”

After the jump – the naked church thing, issues with the UFC’s insurance, and more…

“This [naked church] thing – now as I said, I live a very exciting life. And this is just a misunderstanding. And really, it’s between me and my pastor. And that’s it. Bryan Anderson. Mission Hills Church! Shout out to you!”

“I was not naked. I was wearing a robe.”

“I was waking up in the morning so obviously I didn’t have any time to explain anything. I just had a pistol in my face. They walked in and I was sleeping.”

“If the district attorney wants to go ahead with a vandalism charge for a mess I cleaned up, then fine, that’s fine. I’ll pay whatever they want, I’ll do a million hours of community service. I love community service. I’m a philantropist now. I do things to help people now because I felt like during my career I only did things to help myself.”

“I knew that one TMZ report can make you look completely crazy.”

“They gave me a giant run around when I blew my knee out on high definition TV. They wouldn’t pay for my knee surgery. I didn’t even get one [knee surgery]. I went, got an MRI, kinda a hassle because they kept rescheduling for some reason. Finally get an MRI Then I went all the way to LA an hour and a half away with traffic. And I go to the doctor and he’s like ‘I don’t have your MRI.’ … And I knew what the deal was. And I said it and he affirmated with his silence. So I was oooh so that’s how it is. When they dont’ need you any more they just toss you out. They just give you the runaround until you give up on the knee surgery. I already know from watching my fellow fighters how hard it is to get it when you’re just a low guy on the roster.”

“I’m fine and I’m sane and yeah, I did a character and went psycho on you. Because I knew that TMZ … and I love em, they serve a definite purpose on the internet. But the main purpose is to make money. And a misunderstanding between a cop and a dude who’s been praying all night.”

“I understand the perspective. Then I just couldn’t stop it. I had to look at more of the internet. And it was the most heartless people on the internet are in Mixed Martial arts. It’s sad. If I was really mentally ill. Like severely. It’s terrible. This has already happened. Someone who was obviously mentally ill. The entire mixed martial arts community knew he was ill. Struggled with alcohol. And one day drove out into the desert and didn’t come back. This has already happened. Evan Tanner, yeah. I don’t want to use him, but he was an amazing man who lived an amazing life. And he could have done other things but no one cared. Aaaah you were the champion four months ago, fuck off.”

“Here’s a little science experiment for everyone. Let’s see if I actually appear crazy, will any one go Hey mayhem, we love you and thank you for giving your life and body for us on Saturday nights. The percentage of peoples who did that was miniscule. But the big loud roar was that of the angry mob. Like I burned the church down and pissed on the pope. And that was one story on TMZ.”