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“An experience gone wildly wrong”

Jonathan Brookins shares an unaired moment from this season of TUF where Jeff Lentz breaks Spencer Paige’s jaw:

“Spencer was just asking – how it happens on the show a lot – ‘Hit me in the face as hard as you can, I bet you can’t knock me out.’ And Jeff didn’t wanna do it, no one wanted to do it. But Spence … we’d spent a long time in the house … and a couple drinks and stuff … so Jeff actually did it and it actually broke Spencer’s jaw. So it went very very … it was an experience gone wildly wrong and it was just so terrible. I guess even too terrible to show on TV.”

Maybe too terrible to show, but not to terrible to include in the WATCH DIS SEASON YOU GONNA SEE SOME CRAZY SHIT montage at the end of episode one, which is where the above gif came from.