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Amir was fucked up

If you thought Amir Sadollah winning the Ultimate Fighter with a total of zero professional fights under his belt was impressive, he also did it with an unusual injury:

“I was hurt,” Sadollah admitted. “My fight with Matt (Brown), I got something called benign positional vertigo. That’s from getting hit in the head, which Matt Brown did to me a couple of times. It basically just gives you dizzy spells. And I was really scared, too, because I noticed it after my fight, then your next fight is a week after that.

“I thought I had a concussion. I was training, and every time you change positions, the whole world, like, your perception of reality just spins. It’s damage to the organ in your ears that handles your balance. I thought I was concussive. I thought I had brain damage. So going into that fight with C.B., it’s to the point where they stand me up and I’m bloody and I’m smiling. And I’m smiling because the whole ring is like spinning, and I thought something was wrong with my brain.”

  • LOL CB got beaten by a guy who was basically drunk.

  • Roo says:

    The fact that he fought with that going on says a lot about how badly he wanted this.

  • MadMan says:

    whenever i think that i have brain damage, i like to
    flash an innocuous smile and punch someone in the
    face 😉

  • Atom says:

    I have little to add, other than WAR RICHMOND, VA!

    Considering every TUF champ has been given a nice soft first fight, who will they give him first? According to http://www.mmajunkie/~3/322346086/ he might be dropping a class down to 170 (also, like the other TUF fighters)

  • fightfan says:

    I have had that before. After banging the shit out of the back of my head……The following 2 or 3 months it occurred.

    It is like, if you turn your head to fast, or even sneeze hard enough, you feel like you just got spun in circles. It only last a couple of seconds, but it is fucking weird. You go from super dizzy to dizzy to a little dizzy to normal in a bout 2 or 3 seconds I thought something was wrong with me too

  • The Gaijin says:

    How did any reputable athletic commission “ok” Amir to fight if he was in this condition? Sounds like they really aren’t really considering the fighter’s long term health interests.

  • ^ its called the Mafia

  • pauli says:

    it’s called not telling them.

  • If I’m not mistaken this veritgo thing is actually what caused Rich Franklin/sometime MFSElite famous strength and nutrition coach Billy Rush to have to retire from competition himself. (I think it was a story in one of the very first Real Fighter magazines.) It got to the point where he couldn’t even train without getting disoriented, vomit and have intense headaches.

    It’s no joke, and I don’t think it can be versed once it get bad enough. I was very concerned hearing about this in Amir, as it could legitimatly end his career before it even gets going.

    I really hope its not that serious, he’s a truly amazing talent. I’ve never seen someone like him with so little experience but yet so very refined fighting instincts, he’s quite the prospect.

  • Hammer says:

    I like Amir but I dont see the potential in this kids talent. I know he submitted ‘buttlips’ twice, but that guy is an idiot. I just dont see him going far with greater competition.