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Amir takes out CB Douchaway (again!)

When Jesse Taylor got kicked out of the TUF finals, it almost seemed like a punishment for Amir as well. Taylor was a retard who was prone to getting subbed out, and there was no fucking way Tim Credeur was gonna be able to take out CB Dollaway. So once again, out of nowhere underdog Amir was going to have to take out this season’s ‘Chosen One’.

At least last season’s ‘Chosen One’, Mac Danzig, was the most interesting and likable person on the show. CB Dollaway … fuck him. Take every single asshole in high school and mash em together, and the result would be him. So the last thing I wanted to see was him come in and win TUF after losing.

Fortunately, Amir proved again that he’s got what it takes and subbed Dollaway out in the first round. Better yet, Dollaway ended up looking like a bitch complaining about the stoppage. Overall, things really couldn’t have turned out better. Despite my man Tanner taking a loss, Amir winning the Ultimate Fighter salvaged that night of fights for me and even kinda redeemed TUF7 (although you’d have to pay me good money to sit through the episodes again).

  • HAMMER says:

    This is the cream of the crop of up and coming UFC fighters?? Rogan said Amir is a “great” stand up fighter. I was watching the showtime card.. miranda/Abraham.. That was some real talent.. The TUF final was pretty hack quality fighting..

  • HAMMER says:

    BTW. Speaking of DB. I did not know you could tap and take it back.. That guy has a mouth like Mr. Ed..

  • Atom says:

    3 sins of mma:

    – Not making weight

    – Testing positive (adderall is illegal?)


  • Mobb Deep says:

    Amir is just one of those motherfuckers that no matter what happens, always ends up winning. I love this Game!

  • HAMMER says:

    Adderal is just a fancy name for amphetamine salts. So if it is not illegal, it should be. That stuff gets you jacked…

  • Atom says:

    but he stopped taking it.. they only found traces.

    I guess I was mostly shocked by the fact that I’d personally taken a banned medication.

  • #1 Jackal says:

    went to the local bar and had a few drinks while watching the fights. Of course everyone was watching and cheering for cb since he is the local boy.

    when he tapped everyone was cheering and the bar went nuts. Than when they raised Amir’s arm everyone was like how the hell did he lose, cb was on top?? Then when they showed the replay people were saying “Why did he tap?”

    wife and i just sat there and laughed our asses off.

  • Hattori Hanzo says:

    Im glad Rogan didn’t interview him.

  • fightfan says:

    So happy for Amir. As a ROOKIE he beat the ALMIGHTY Dollaway TWICE. SWEET!!!

    Yeah, Herb Dean, for a change was on the tap VERY QUICKLY…..therefore CB thought mayeb he could get away with saying he didnt tap…..UNTIL he seen that camera crew did a good job at capturing it and good instant reply!!!!

    If there were NOT a good angle from instant reply, I would bet that CB would be crying taht he didnt tap. Amir would of broke his arm if CB did tap. Once he had it locked, he kinda cranked enough to get the tap. If he would of really cranked it CB would of tapped much faster.

  • fightfan says:

    CB’s tantrum kind of took away from Amir. There wasnt much of a celebration, like the last time he made CB cry UNCLE. LOL!!!

  • garth says:

    i seriously don’t know what CB was complaining about. he tapped. you can’t “kinda” tap. you can’t tap, then take it back right away, or ask for do overs. You can’t tap to try and get your opponent to let go and hope the ref doesn’t see it since you only did it once…
    plus, he looked like a giant whiner. well, more of a giant whiner.


  • BossTweed says:

    At least CB admits he tapped in the postfight interview on

  • supercrap says:

    It was a strangely anticlimactic ending, but I think Amir is great and I’m very happy for him. He’s definitely another Forrest in the making, the sport needs more people like him and less CB Dolloways, in my opinion.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Not in ANY WAY to defend CB, but most people consider “a tap” to be “three taps.” But once he stopped defending the left arm so that he could get his right hand in position to tap, it was over.

  • It hasn’t been 3 distinct taps in YEARS. That was the rule back when the UFC made it’s own, but the unified rules don’t give a set number – to prevent situations like this where a guy taps twice and is let out of the submission.

  • MadMan says:

    Amir shows that being cerebral and ultra-aware is one
    of the best weapons a fighter can possess. Diego
    Sanchez is well aware of this fact also.

    btw–I agree with Hattori…thank God we didn’t have to listen to Dollaway speak post-fight!

  • Hammer says:

    Atom.. It works great for ADD but it is basically speed. And when it comes to fighting, ADD doesn’t really apply. It is more for helping you concentrate and settle into more academic type things. But I dont see a need for it in fighting or a fighter. Unless he wants extra jack. And if you are gonna fight someone, I think that alone should get you jacked up on its own. It is banned in all sports that test for it.

  • zex says:

    i read that cb after the fight said he was going to tap then changed his mind, so he wasn’t trying to hide that it or anything, but he did only tap once i guess the ref was trying to save his arm

  • tubbs says:

    My buddy’s GF on Amir during his prefight interview: “Oooo, I like him.”
    My buddy: “You just like him ’cause he smiled”
    The GF: “No, I like him ’cause he’s smart”