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American Top Team is lovin’ it

Fighters Only caught an interesting story about ATT coach Andre Benkei, who has just quit American Top Team:

Benkei told the Portuguese-language MMA magazine that he does not agree with the ATT affiliate program, which franchises the ATT name out to schools across the country.

He said ATT has been “selling our work to people that take advantage of our name and never went to ATT, owners of karate gyms, that simply do a seminar and now have a right to teach MMA with ATT’s name”.

Benkei was particularly critical of Liborio, who he accuses of turning ATT’s “dream and hard work into a big McDonald’s”.

When I was down in the US, I saw a ton of karate and kung fu schools with big signs in their windows advertising them as affiliates of various well known MMA camps. I was kinda interested in knowing how the fuck that worked, since I peeked into a couple places and most of them didn’t even have matted floors. Seems like McDojos are now looking to cash in by offering McMMA, and some camps are happy to sell out their name.