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Amateur MMA in Ontario is … interesting

MMA is now legal in Ontario, but that doesn’t mean things in the province are running as they should be. Sportsnet’s Joe Ferraro took a look into an amateur MMA event at the Toronto Supershow and what he found was pretty horrorshow:

— MMA has seven weight classes. This group believes amateur MMA should have 12.

— I do not believe MMA should ever consider using standing eight counts, like they do in boxing or kickboxing. This organization believes amateur MMA should use standing eight counts.

— If you land a “Jump Kick to (the) Head,” you are awarded three points. “Jump Kick to (the) body” will garner you two points.

If you have not figured it out yet, by looking at the link to the rules above, yes, the organization that runs the sport of amateur MMA in the province is Kickboxing Ontario, as well as, Kickboxing Canada, aka CASK (Council of Amateur Sport Kickboxing). And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but what they are doing can and should be modified to better reflect amateur MMA, and not kickboxing.

During the bout at 11:24 a.m., one fighter submitted his opponent. I saw the tap. But the referee stood them up and they began competing again. Another tap, another standup, another restart.

(I later found out that this is “how it is.” A submission ends the round, and the next round commences. I later discovered, but was unable to confirm, that one competitor earned two submissions, but lost round three. The tally from the scorecards had him losing the bout.)