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Always try your best, kids

Steve Cofield gives his best effort to pry an interesting quote out of Keith Kizer regarding Standgate but fails. Long story short, it looks like Kizer is okay with what EliteXC has told him and that’s the end of that. We’ve been waiting for a while to see what Nevada would do, so if this is all Kizer thinks then EliteXC has turned a corner on Standgate and may be in the clear.

The general opinion Keith states over and over and over again is that so long as a fighter ‘does his best’, then everything is okay. If you’re feeling a bit peckish and want to play a drinking game, take some shots every time Kizer says ‘does his best’ and you’ll probably end up in the hospital getting your stomach pumped.

Also discussed: the Gina Carano naked weigh-in situation and how Nevada has an additional .5 to 1 pound allowance for clothing. Which I suppose is reasonable but not as sexy for us and denigrating for Gina.