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Alves and Leites Better Not Get Selfish and Win

Before Georges St. Pierre and B.J. Penn stepped into the cage last Saturday, there was already talk of a potential St. Pierre v. Anderson Silva super-fight. The moment the main event was stopped after the fourth round, the immediate thought was when, not if, fans would bear witness to the two pound-for-pound kings battling for supremacy. St. Pierre has already stated that he would be more than willing to take the fight:

Of course it would be something very interesting for me. If the timing is right and everything goes according to plan, and it’s something the UFC would do, it’s something that may be for the future interesting. To tell the truth, the primary reason I do this sport, it’s not for the fame. It’s not for the money because when I started I was a nobody and I didn’t have money. I do it for myself. I like the challenge. One day, if I have to do it, it would be something that I have to plan correctly. And I’d have to put some extra time in my training because I’m going to have to gain some weight. I’m going to do it in a good way.

After the fight was over, Thiago Alves entered the Octagon to trade compliments and silly accents with the champion. It was then that reality set in: both St. Pierre and Silva have very real obstacles in front of them before this mega-bout can take place.

While Alves and Thales Leites are both heavy underdogs heading into their title fights, both are still dangerous competitors. Alves has looked like a human buzzsaw against Karo Parisyan, Matt Hughes, and Josh Koscheck. As for Leites, he got piledrived (piledrove? piledrivered? piledriven?) by Nate “The Great” Marquardt and didn’t die — not to mention his five straight victories in the Octagon.

So, I have a message for both Thiago Alves and Thales Leites: Don’t even think about pulling off an upset. Listen, you are a young guy with a bright future in this sport. You’ll have other opportunities to become champion. This is not the time. Georges St. Pierre needs to fight Anderson Silva. More specifically, I need to see it and so does everyone else with even the slightest interest in MMA. Don’t be selfish.

Seriously, if either of you decide to win, I will light a bag of dog shit on fire and leave it on your mother’s porch. Every day. I will have pizzas delivered to your house consistently — with shitty toppings like pineapple and ham. I’ll put drops of Visine in your drink when I see you at the bar. I will sign you up for more spam e-mail than you could imagine. I will get somebody to photoshop you swapping spit with David Spade and spread it all over the internet. DON’T YOU RUIN THIS FOR ME.