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All Torres needed was a Polakowski special

Miguel Torres talks about his experience training with Mark De La Grotte and how Mark’s most important lesson was the value of a good hug:

“You’re dropping yourself to their level. Why would you even let that guy touch you?” he said. I said I don’t mind getting hit, and he said, “That’s not smart.” He explained it to me. Everyone knows you’re super tough, everyone knows you can take a punch. Everyone knows you’re the man. You want to impress somebody? Don’t get touched. Don’t get hit.

I was frustrated by that. I said, “No, I want someone to hit me.” It’s the macho thing. And he said, “You know what you need? I’m going to help you.” And he hugged me. At first, I said, “Let go of me man.” But he just kept hugging me. It was kind of funny, but I did need a hug. No one ever gave me a hug before. It was what I needed.

Also in the interview: an honest assessment (rare indeed) on why Frank Mir lost to Brock Lesnar, Torres’ thoughts on the Mizugaki fight, and of course more on his upcoming bout with Brian Bowles.