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All those changes to the Ultimate Fighter

Goddamn it’s a slow news day. My bet is the majority of people normally blogging are busy scalping UFC83 tickets (fuck you all to death and I piss on your graves). So in the meantime I’m gonna talk about something I normally don’t : The Ultimate Fighter. We have a bit of a love hate relationship with TUF here … I’m trash and I love it (well, I love to hate it), but our readers are generally educated and don’t give a shit about it. But I can’t help myself!

News came out last week that the UFC had doubled the number of contestants and would be cutting half of them before the house. I seem to remember someone suggesting that….

-They should bring 30 guys in and cut 14 of them
The initial workouts where coaches test out the fighters is cool, but imagine how much cooler it would be if half the fighters there were gonna get cut? You’d see fighters pushing themselves twice as hard, emotions flaring, people stressing. In short: good reality television. Again, The Ultimate Fighter is passing up tons of excellent drama by not having an axe over the heads of everyone who’s made the initial cut. Line up the fighters at the end of the training and have the coaches call their fighters one by one. The guys who don’t get called go home. What better way to have the biggest collective TUF cry in the history of the series?

Note however that I’m not bringing this up in a lame-ass ‘UFC stealing my ideas’ kinda way. I stole my ideas off of America’s Top Model (respect), and I don’t doubt that UFC and Spike brass spent a week or two locked in a basement with cheetos and orange Crush watching 1000 reality shows for new ideas too. That being said, I went back and re-read my old posts about how to fix the Ultimate Fighter, and the ideas were surprisingly sound. Check em out:

  • Lifer says:

    so you want them to steal the elimination process from Next Top Model? sweet.

  • I also want a swimsuit competition

  • Xavier says:

    If MMAJunkie is right, I really like the change. Should make the first couple of episodes far more interesting and give everyone a feel for who every one of the sixteen is before the tournament starts.

    Hopefully that cuts down the problem of “Who is that fucking guy” that I have every year because they decided to focus on only three or four guys primarily.

  • I am one of your readers who has watched TUF from the beginning even though many of the fights reminded me of the early days of the KOTC or PRIDE during the reign of Rickson Gracie.

    But…a fight is a fight is a fight….

  • What’s funny is how everyone shit on season 5 for being full of crappy fighters, and now look at how many of the guys from that season are starting to do really well. Season 6 seems to have been declared a dud all around as the UFC cut half the guys right after the finale.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    Just goes to show, we internet guys don’t know shit.