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All signs point to Machida, but it isn’t over yet

The will he / won’t he of Quinton Jackson fighting Rashad Evans at UFC 98 continues! The Sun has a history of trying to get scoops by making up news, and yesterday they announced that Machida would be fighting Rashad Evans. Where they got this information no one knows. That coupled with the fact that the Sun’s MMA news is usually down there with standard celebrity gossip means that I wouldn’t consider the issue sorted at all.

5 Ounces is also reporting that Machida will be the one facing Rashad, but they’re sourcing the Sun and we’ve already gone over that. There’s other sites that have just added up all the Rampage jaw / training / possible hand injury stories and have decided “Yeah, it’s gonna be Machida.” Sure, it might be … but it ain’t him just yet.

So just to let you know, all hope isn’t lost yet for Rampage vs Rashad. It’s just getting very dark indeed, like the end of Lord of the Rings at the siege of Minas Tirith. Will Gandalf arrive over the glen with a host of undead soldiers to save us all? Or will evil reign supreme over all Middle Earth as the evil eye of Machida settle hungrily on the light heavyweight belt?