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Alistair Overeem’s steady supply of can opponents

Here’s a question for you: Why the fuck does everyone give such a shit about Alistair Overeem all of a sudden? It seems to me that he’s coasting almost entirely on his promise as a half decent opponent for Fedor. Well, that and the fact that he’s finally managed to win more than three fights in a row for the first time in six years.

Past that his biggest MMA accomplishments over the past two years were having enough of a brain to take Mark Hunt down immediately when they fought and smushing the elder mortal Crocop’s balls repeatedly. What else is there? Tomato can matches against Lee Tae-Hyun, Gary Goodridge, and Tony Sylvester. And now he might be adding the can of cans, James Thompson, to the list:

Alistair Overeem hasn’t fought for Strikeforce since winning its heavyweight championship two years ago. But after winning an easy fight over the weekend, he’ll fight again after just a week off, stepping into the cage to take on James “The Collosus” Thompson at Dream 12 on Saturday.

Dream has not yet announced the fight, but a source with knowledge of the situation tells FanHouse that it will take place on the card, which is noteworthy as the first time the Japanese Dream promotion will use a cage instead of a ring.

Now this isn’t to say I don’t approve of what Alistair Overeem is up to. The dude knows he’s on top of the hot-o-meter and he’s milking it for all he’s worth. But I just wanted to point out that there hasn’t been a whole lot of proof in the cage that the new Alistair Overeem is all that different against elite competition as the old Alistair Overeem was.