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Alistair Overeem’s lawsuit doesn’t sound distracting at all

Last week it was revealed that Alistair Overeem was suing Golden Glory in an attempt to break free from the contract they have together. Details included an unusually high 35% cut of Al’s money going to GG and the accusation that he’s owed over 150 grand in earnings. Since we’re used to European management / training cartels being a little sketchy, many sided with Overeem right out of the gate. But Overeem’s old striking coach Cor Hemmers has his own view of things:

“The management made a great deal for Alistair with the UFC. Alistair was very happy with this deal himself. During the negotiations the management spoke with Alistair about the changes being made to all of the agreements, and during the final stages of the negotiations both the management and UFC sent Alistair all of the documents for his comments and approval,” Hemmers said via the forum.

“Alistair went on his way to ZUFFA headquarters in Las Vegas where he would sign the contract himself. And that’s where Alistair decided to change course… I feel it’s a setup because Alistair wasn’t satisfied with the percentages for the trainers and the management .

“In fact, he tried to lower the percentages for the trainers when it became clear that his income would increase in the near future. Alistair wanted to discuss a new compensation system more in the form of a fixed fee and not based on percentages.

“Although we have no say in this – it’s a deal between the management and Alistair – he talked about this with Martijn de Jong and me after a training session. I am disappointed in the way he acts now and the financial proposal that he made to Martijn which was way below the regular percentage for trainers. I have always felt it’s a team effort to get these boys including Alistair to the highest level of the sport.”

Meanwhile, Alistair Overeem is in the middle of not only training for Brock Lesnar but promoting the fight via interviews with the press. Which means every day he gets to answer a bunch of questions about the whole kerfuffle:

Leaving your contractual differences aside for the moment, is there anything you miss from Golden Glory?
There’s nothing I miss. There’s nothing I miss. Basically, I already formed my own team around me. My own personal, assistant team, management team, as it were. They take care of all the headaches, all my needs. They were already doing that for the last two years. Taking care of plane tickets. Staying in touch with sparring partners. Arranging, setting up appointments, doing my agenda. They were already doing that. That had nothing to do with Golden Glory. Golden Glory did the fight contracts. Next to that, they arranged some partners. Next to that, they didn’t do anything.

In the latest episode of your documentary, The Reem, you mentioned that the only reason why you found things you didn’t like in your deal with UFC is because Bas Boon was ill and wasn’t around when you signed the contract. How come you never had these things looked at by a third party before then?
I would like not to comment any more about the Golden Glory situation. I’m focused on the fight. That’s my main focus now. That’s it.

Given that you are focused on the fight, why even bring up this stuff up now? Why go through this stuff in public, to the point where there are lawsuits being filed. Why not just put the disagreement on the backburner until after the fight?
Did I not make myself clear just now? Two seconds ago.

That’s one step away from a Dana White ‘Seriously, shut up!’ response. Good to hear Al is keeping his cool over this whole thing.

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:

    Something tells me that Overeem doesn’t feel like sharing his PPV percentage with his management when he squares off against Lesnar.

    Too bad he’ll have to pay it with interest when this lawsuit blows up in his face.

  • iamphoenix says:

    But what about Galaxair Oilcream?