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Alistair Overeem whups Hari

When Alistair Overeem vs Badr Hari was announced, we dubbed it the battle of the fuckups … both fighters had fucked up main event shows, so this was part of their punishment. But since the fight was happening under K1 rules, there was no denying that Alistair Overeem was getting the shit end of the stick.

So imagine my surprise when Overeem didn’t just win the fight, he thoroughly dominated Hari, bullying him around the ring and knocking him down once before a second knockdown was ruled a KO. The first time was pretty amusing because Alistair had to check himself last second from pouncing on his grounded opponent.

To put things into perspective, Badr Hari was the K1 heavyweight champ before his antics in this year’s World Grand Prix finals resulted in K1 stripping him of the title. So you’ve got MMA fighter Alistair Overeem – who is 2-2 in kickboxing – taking on a dominant 69-8 K1 champ … and WINNING.

Overall, it was a good night for MMA fighters taking on kickboxers, with Tatsuya Kawajiri also smashing Takeda Kozo. Mousasi vs Musashi hasn’t happened yet, but a sweep would be great. It’s a great day for MMA when it’s fighters can step into the ring under K1 rules and dominate solid opponents. Gives you a glimmer of hope for it one day happening with boxing!

So where does this leave Alistair Overeem? I really don’t know, but one thing is for sure: the old Alistair who always came close to greatness but kept flaming out is gone, replaced by a dude who just seems on his game for the most part. I’ll say ‘for the most part’ because all those nut shots in the Mirko fight were pretty stupid.

*UPDATE* Mousasi just absolutely tooled Musashi, so that’s MMA going 3-0 tonight against K1. The fucked up thing about kickboxing is how they stand you back up after a knockdown. We basically just got to see Mousasi knock a dude out three times.