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Alistair Overeem speaks!

Alistair Overeem and his peeps have been conspicuously silent since news broke of his manly 14:1 testosterone to epitestosterone ratio. But last night he made an appearance on MMA Uncensored Live:

“I am bigger, I am stronger, I am better in the stand-up and I’m better on the ground. So for me, I don’t think about what he is going to do to me. I think about what I am going to do to him and I am only thinking about what I am going to do to him. I am going to be ready wherever the fight takes me. I do prefer to strike, I do prefer a knockout over a submission win but I’m going to be ready for anything … I’m going to get this guy, I’m going to beat him. Nothing scares me about Junior dos Santos. Everything he’s doing, I’ve seen it before. I’m not worried about it, I’ve experienced it all. There’s no fear, there’s only two things – trained and untrained and when I step into the Octagon on May 26 I’m going to be trained.”

Wait a second. What about the … isn’t the fight probably going to be … why didn’t you say anything about the … ?

  • overoid says:


    FUUFC I am done with this joke of a carnival show.

    It is time to start writing your CONGRESSMEN, true believers. I asked the real Wizard of Oz and there are no real superheroes in the UFC. Ultimate Fighting Cheaters on roids.

    Alistair Overeem aka Overroid just tested 14 times the amount of steroids in a man. This is the final nail in the coffin, and will cost the UFC for years to come.

    Rampage Jackson admits to steroid use. Doctor script just a cover up for fighters.

    Do not be fooled Junior dos Santos, Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, George St. Pierre and other top fighters all probably on steroids and there is one way to tell for sure. Carbon Isotope testing on their fat cells. If they ever used before, the steroids can be found there and should be public. You ever wonder why fighters like Anderson Silva are retiring all of a sudden. Roid rats jumping off the UFC boat due to random testing being done.

    Done with MMA, Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Underwater Basket Weaving and any other roided joke of a sport.

    List of Steroid Cheaters, some are still with their organizations after a slap on the wrist.ex Chris Leben. If you cheat with steroids you should never be able to fight again, period. So I can take steroids and then cycle off reaping the benefits. I say 7 year moratorium minimum if caught juicing.

    JOSH BARNETT (now with strikeforce), TIM SYLVIA, KIMO LEOPOLDO, NATE MARQUARDT, VITOR BELFORT, STEPHAN BONNAR, PAWEL NASTULA, KIT COPE, JOHNNIE MORTON, ROYCE GRACIE, JORGE ORTIZ, PHIL BARONI, SEAN SHERK (still with UFC), HERMES FRANCA, ANTHONY TORRES, BILL MAHOOD, ADAM SMITH, JASON WINTHERS, RUBEN VILLAREAL, DENNIS HALLMAN, ALEXANDER CRISPIM, CARINA DAMM, ALEXANDRE NOGUEIRA, ANTONIO SILVA, EDWIN DEWEES, CHRIS LEBEN (still with UFC), KIRILL SIDELNIKOV, KEN SHAMROCK, JOSH BARNETT, COLE PROVINCE, CHAEL SONNEN (still with UFC), SHANE CARWIN (not caught but federal link to purchase of steroids), Rampage Jackson admitted to steroid replacement by doctor, Thiago Silva urine samples are not consistent with that of human urine (actually used a catheter to put animal urine in his own bladder, moron), Rampage Jackson testosterone replacement therapy excuse to cover up his years of abuse, and Alistair Overoid top of the UFC food chain tested positive for title fight.

    Really, you cheat, you get another chance, BS!!!

    For everyone who supports steroid use, I don’t know what to say. You are either born a man or not, and compensating by drugs pretty much answers those questions. Everyone can see when most anyone really abuses steroids, and notes records broken, and people dying of cancer early. I hope those that support it take it and die from the stuff so the rest of us can enjoy this rock with a few less losers on it.

    Piss tests are not good enough because any cheater can use a catheter and fill his bladder with whatever at any time like Thiago Silva animal urine fiasco. The testing is also not that costly, for blood and urine, so that argument don’t fly with me either. Also sports need to publicly state who was on what whenever they fail a test. Football and baseball keep their information private other than announcing a failed PED. I hear about a steroid user and I boycott and bad mouth, and I will not go to any event until you losers are kicked out for good.

    Blood or fat cell testing only. Fat cells can show steroid abuse for many years previous, and a simple subcutaneous sample is all that is needed.

    Carbon Isotope testing is cheap and foils Steroid abusers and detects non-human plant based steroid supplement.

    A Mass Spectrometer or High Performance Liquid Chromatography assay can also be done. It is time for all steroid abusers to be put out in the public eye for the losers they are. These tests can check for steroids for years of previous abuse.

    Dana White just came out and stated he supports TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy), and is just a way of doctors shielding fighters juicing. Shit, Dana Douch Bag White is even bringing back Josh Barnett another confirmed steroid cheater. So you know what Dana really thinks, actions speak louder than words. Wouldn’t all of you athletes who play fair like a chance at fame, fortune, etc. A new fighting organization needs to start steroid free and compete against the UFC cheating organization.

    I am tired of all the cheaters and steroids. If a sport cannot do Olympic style blood and urine testing for hgh, steroids, etc, then they are not going to get my money. Look at baseball. Even though the sport is boring and has many problems, steroids killed baseball’s revenue. I see the empty stands and see how cameras try to manipulate seating shots to make it appear there is a full stadium. A real man stands on his own two feet for what he is and struggles to change his weaknesses into strengths, not cheat with steroids. All those mma cheaters are just a bunch of losers, and regardless of the media hype or money thrown they will always look like that in everyone’s eyes, period. Why don’t I give everyone a bat who didn’t take steroids to even the playing field. Americans know their “pro” sports are tainted, and we don’t need to wait for congress to fix you. Everyone speaks of mma like it is a circus rather than a sport because of all the controversy. You are going the same route as fake wrestling or strongman competitions that make no money because of steroid losers. It is cause and effect. Less fans, less attendance at other venues like bars, means less money for all businesses around. Regulate steroids before it destroys your source of income. I know I am not going to any events until you fix this crap.

    Boycott all sports in America or anywhere there are steroid cheaters and save your money. Until they feel it in the pocketbook they will look the other way.

    Dana White you are a DOUCHE

    Army of Darkness