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Alistair Overeem releases official non-statement

After weeks of dodging questions relating to his lawsuit against former camp Golden Glory and nearly having his Brock Lesnar money seized, Alistair Overeem is finally making an official statement regarding the situation.

This is Alistair Overeem’s first formal public comment on his ongoing litigation with Golden Glory. He has avoided comment up to now for many reasons. First, Alistair believes that the split between himself and Golden Glory should be kept between the parties. Although he has been tempted to expose ongoing problems with Golden Glory’s business, its poor relationship with some of its remaining fighters, and the deep betrayal he has experienced in recent years, he has chosen not to air the specifics of those facts.

Second, Alistair was singularly focused on his fight with Brock Lesnar. Third, Alistair does not want to disrupt Golden Glory’s ongoing business operations. Fourth, Alistair believes that commenting on the litigation lacks professionalism. Golden Glory continues to take action by press release, through public comment and in the litigation in an apparent attempt to derail Alistair’s career. Now that Alistair has defeated Brock Lesnar, he feels compelled to speak up. You will hear from Alistair on many of these topics directly.

We can say that Alistair and his legal team are very confident in the legal positions he has taken or will take in the California and Nevada litigation. Alistair is looking forward to having a judge or jury determine the merits of his position in this litigation. Although overtures regarding resolution of the lawsuits have been made by Golden Glory, Alistair believes it is important to see this matter to conclusion, not just for himself, but for other Golden Glory fighters, the UFC and its fans.

Not much new here. Mysterious mentions of ‘deep betrayal’ are mysterious. And I’m not sure I understand if Alistair is going to speak ‘on many of these topics directly’ now or if he’s sticking to keeping things ‘between himself and Golden Glory.’ It’s not really clear. The meat of the release is basically “Golden Glory are being unprofessional meanies so we might do that too.” Was this written by the same doofus that messed up Overeem’s Nevada drug testing? Sometimes it seems like the only competent person helping Alistair is the dude filming and editing THE REEM.

Golden Glory isn’t spending all it’s energy trying to get at Alistair Overeem’s money. They’re also trying to resurrect kickboxing from the smoldering ashes of K-1 in Japan. To do that they’ve sorted out a strange deal where they pay off K-1’s bad debts to fighters in exchange for their contracts. The goal is to sever all K-1 ties so things can be started up again with all the major kickboxers in one organization. This ain’t cheap, and while GG has teamed up with some asian sports organization, I’m sure getting their hands on 30% of everything Overeem is making wouldn’t hurt.