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Alistair Overeem: fired, but not free

Okay, now that we’ve all enjoyed watching Alistair Overeem beating up helpless opponents, let’s check in on whether that’s what he’ll be doing in Japan for the next two years or not. ‘Overeem Contract Watch 2011: The Ubereeming’ continues, and today’s installment chronicles the specific status of his Strikeforce contract:

Despite exercising its right to terminate the final fight on Alistair Overeem’s contract, Forza LLC, which operates Strikeforce and is a subsidiary of UFC’s parent company, Zuffa LLC, has not released the Strikeforce heavyweight champion.

Bas Boon, who represents Overeem through Dutch management firm Golden Glory, clarified to that the 31-year-old fighter is currently “in a negotiation period with Zuffa.” Boon declined to discuss details, though sources familiar with the arrangement between Overeem and Strikeforce explained the fighter is bound to exclusive and separate 120-day negotiation and matching periods with the Las Vegas-based promoter.

Overeem was scheduled to fight Silva during the semifinals of Strikeforce’s heavyweight grand prix. Had Overeem won, he was free to negotiate a new contract while possessing considerable leverage. Sources say a handshake agreement between Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker and Golden Glory covered a finals appearance had Overeem advanced, but nothing was put down on paper.

Jesus Q Cristus, a handshake agreement? Unless you’re able to back one of those up by throwing the reneging party off a roof, they’re worth less than the flopsweat off Scott Coker’s palms. The parallels to Fedor continue to pile up. All we need now is for Overeem’s camp to make vague comments about fighting people like Kevin Randleman and we’ve got a deja-vu situation so palatable I’ll be expecting Matrix agents to pop up and drag me away screaming.

  • scissors61 says:

    there are a lot of rumors floating around that he’ll be signing and debuting at ufc 140…i was really hoping the whole “protracted contract negotiation/shit-slinging war with a foreign heavyweight” thing was ended when fedor started to lose.

  • Symbul says:

    What, that doesn’t sound like something Scott Coker would totally do?

  • CAP says:

    It’s all a bunch of BS fight potitics but at least it may end with Reem in the UFC. Hope it doesn’t fall apart.