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Ali Sonoma cashes out on ‘The Mole’

I can barely force myself to watch The Ultimate Fighter, so there’s no way in hell I’m watching ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ to see Tito Ortiz or ‘The Mole’ for Ali Sonoma. Fortunately there are other people out there with less of a life than me, and they usually sum up whatever went on. And here’s what happened with Ali two weeks ago: she took a 30k payout to quit the show:

Jon Kelley offered $20,000 to any contestant that was willing to voluntarily leave the game because they were worried that they had scored poorly on the elimination quiz. No contestants took the offer, so he began the execution process. After three players were revealed to be safe, he again made the offer, raising the stakes to $30,000. Ali chose to take the offer. She left with $30,000, but since she was not the person who scored the lowest on the quiz, the execution continued.

Ali explains that her decision was simple economics: Only the main winner of the show gets paid more than 30k, so why fight tooth and nail to maybe win that when she can skip out with a nice sum of money guaranteed. Personally, I think you’ve gotta be an idiot to turn down that offer … which is why I’m so surprised Ali took it.