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Alessio Sakara ain’t going nowhere

(Sometimes you just can’t wait for a tissue)

Some UFC fighters are just so warriur that they don’t need to worry as much when it comes to losing two in a row or three in a row or four of your last six fights. Dan Hardy falls into that category, and now so does Alessio Sakara. His go for broke style of gunslinging hasn’t always translated into wins in the cage, but it has earned him the love of UFC brass:

Despite losing his last three fights, Alessio Sakara isn’t going anywhere. In fact, the Italian fighter recently signed a new four-fight contract extension with the UFC.

Sakara’s manager Lex McMahon confirmed the news with on Thursday.

“We believe this gesture is indicative of the level of respect the UFC has for Alessio,” McMahon said of the contract extension, “and we want to thank Dana White, Joe Silva, Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta for their long-standing support of Alessio. He is very focused on showing his appreciation the next time he steps into the Octagon.”

There’s always a contingent of fans who seem kinda outraged when a fighter goes 0-3 and still has a job in the UFC. Personally, I think the current UFC firing policy is pretty fucked up and hurts the promotion way more than it helps. Sure, there’s only so many slots in the promotion and you don’t want dead weight hanging around. But when you want guys to fight in an exciting manner and not ultra-conservative, a ‘two fuckups and you’re gone’ policy isn’t exactly the best policy.