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Aleks was never the opponent

MMA Mania sat down with Josh Barnett for a quick interview, and he had this to say about the rumors that he was originally supposed to fight Aleksander Emelianenko:

James Iannotti ( There were rumors of you facing both Brett Rogers and Aleksander Emelianenko before Yvel was officially announced. Which of the three would you fight if it were your choice?

Josh Barnett: Brett Rogers was I guess a possibility, but because of all the legal aspects of the Elite XC scenario right now, it couldn’t happen. I was fine with that. Aleksander was absolutely never a consideration. That was just some sort of propaganda that he or somebody else was trying to put out there. He can’t even be licensed in the state of California so it’s an impossibility for him to be an option for anyone at this point. And Gilbert Yvel was the only solid offer I got, you know, besides Brett, and Brett, well I guess I can’t acknowledge because he could never fight.

Now if only James had followed up with “So … would you be willing to fight Aleks in Japan?”