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Aleks trying to fight in the US again

At this point, pretty much everyone had accepted the fact that Fedor’s little brother probably has some sort of nasty disease that would keep him from ever fighting in North America. But Fighters Only magazine has a scoop: not only is Aleks again claiming he’s clear and healthy, but he’s also saying he’ll be back at Affliction’s next event in January.

Standing in his way is the California State Athletic Commission, who bluntly said back in August “No way, no how, no Aleksander. EVER.” That kind of statement doesn’t give me much faith in Aleks’ reiterated claim of late paperwork, unless he took a shit in said paperwork or slapped around a CSAC employee when they yanked him off the Affliction card 10 seconds before he was supposed to step on the scales.

Anyways, I’m excited at the prospect of Aleks fighting again, but then again I’m not the guy getting into the ring with a potentially contagious individual – keep in mind this shit is called a ‘blood sport’ for a reason. Maybe he’ll be taking on Tommy Morrison or something!