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Aleks kills bears (for real)

Part two of the Aleks Emelianenko interview is up at Sherdog, and once again the wacky shit that goes down in Russia is much more interesting than the fighting stuff. This is actually quite impressive, since there’s a big paragraph near the end of the article where Aleks basically calls Barnett a coward and CroCop a fake. But how do you top stuff like this?

On whether people really hunt bears with knives:
Emelianenko: Yes, they do. A few years ago there was an unfortunate incident. One sportsman, a world champion in wrestling – what was he doing? Yes, he was putting a fork under the bear’s neck. [The practice of hunting bears with a knife involves, once the bear is in front of you, placing a long stick with a letter U-shaped end under the bear’s muzzle as it rears up to fight. Once the stick is in place, the bear isn’t able to bring its body down and the hunter stabs it a number of times, ideally killing it instantly.]

And then the bear couldn’t attack him, and he was stabbing it under the ribs in the heart. And as he was stabbing it, that bear swung with its paw. It was dead already — the paw was its last gasp with all its strength and basically took half of the wrestler’s head off. And of course the other hunters opened fire on the bear, but it was too late. He went to try his luck with a bear, and it didn’t come off.

For me everything is still fine. I’m OK. I’ve done it and it was OK. About half a year ago, it was in Russia, in Siberia. Everything was fine. I put the fork underneath him and stabbed him in the heart. And that was it. The other hunters dismembered, prepared the bear.

I want to go hunting in Africa now, with friends. I’ve been invited.

Compare that with American hunting, where guys like Matt Hughes go hog hunting with night vision goggles, infrared lights, musk cans and laser scopes. We are goddamn pussies over here. But then again, we’re a lot smarter. I’ll bet on the guy with 10k worth of technology over the Russian with a pole and a knife any day.