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Aleks gets a win for Christmas

Fedor’s brother Aleksander Emelianenko will have a slightly happier holidays due to this win over Tolegen Akylbekov out in Almaty, Kazakhstan on Wednesday. The match broke a two fight losing streak Aleks was suffering but not the trend of fighting in Buttfuckski Nowherestan. Now if only Santa can bring him some less sketchy paperwork confirming he no doesn’t have the hepatitis.

  • Rezi says:

    MMA is technically efevctife due to the factor of simplification. It strips the quantity of techniques down to a level that can be absorbed quickly, and performed without advanced levels of precision. I actually mean that as a compliment. But the unfortunate part is that MMA has removed all the character building elements of traditional Martial Arts. So you’ve got a whole generation of fighters with sufficient knowledge to cause damage, but who don’t necessarily believe that it should be used for defense only. The other problem I see is that there is very little that is really being mixed’. It was early on, but now it seems to just be Boxing punches, Muay Thai kicks, and a couple of BJJ submissions. If you think those are the only efevctife techniques out there, I’ve got a bridge you might like to buy too.