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Aleks fight inspired by Russia / Georgian war

Fedor’s little brother Aleks Emelianenko might be back in action soon against former Cage Rage champ Tengiz Tedoradze in Paris, France of all places. As usual, I feel morally obliged to bring back up the fact that Aleks has something horribly wrong with him that keeps him from fighting anywhere with half decent regulations in place. And while his continued participation in MMA considering that fact is quite fucked up, the other angle to this proposed fight is pretty odd as well:

Tengiz’s nationality lends an interesting aspect to the fight. He hails from Georgia, a breakaway republic that was once part of Russia’s Soviet Union. Georgia and Russia recently had a brief war in 2008 when the region of South Ossetia – which Georgia claims sovereignty over – tried to devolve and claim independence.

Georgia sent troops into South Ossetia to reclaim the territory and Russia immediately sent its own troops to fight them off. Aleksander also travelled to the region to show what he termed his “solidarity with Ossetian comrades”.

Despite having relocated to the UK, Tedoradze is a former bodyguard to the Georgian president and fiercely proud of his roots. The fight could be a battle of national pride with memories of 2008’s war still strong in the minds of both men.

And here I thought Japan, with their White African vs Black African type fights, was the only country that liked arranging fights across geo-political lines.