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Aleks Emelianenko ‘was not and will not be cleared’

Remember the hepatitis that Aleks Emelianenko was rumored to have? And remember how he denied that, and claimed that he was denied a license because his paperwork was a few days late? Well, here’s a quote from Bill Douglas over at the CSAC:

“The one thing that I can absolutely say is that he (Emelianenko) was not and will not be cleared to fight in California. He is officially denied a license and that will stand for all of the United States of America”.

The ‘great’ thing about the CSAC is that while they’re legally bound to keep medical issues confidential, they’ll do everything in their power to push the boundaries of that confidentiality. Mind you, I’m not exactly sure what the moral responsibilities of an Athletic Commission are if they have info on a fighter having a disease like this. If Aleks tried to fight in Japan, would they be allowed / obligated to inform someone? Or would they have to sit back and keep their mouths shut?

One thing is for sure: Josh Barnett might want to reconsider not being afraid of fighting Aleks.