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Aleks E talks World’s Steroidiest Man

I’ve been getting lots of messages and emails from jackals regarding World’s Strongest Man competitor turned MMA freakshow fighter Mariusz Pudzianowski, as if I should care about a stratospherically juiced guy fighting in the bowels of Eastern Europe. But I suppose we cover all sorts of dumb stuff, and his debut fight did pull 6 million viewers in Poland. The MMA forums are alight with Pudz fever and he doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. So fine. I will blog about him. There’s been a lot of rumors about his next fight being against Aleksander Emelianenko, so here’s the deal on that straight from Aleks’ mouth:

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: We have heard talk of a possible fight between you and 5-time World’s Strongest Man, Mariusz Pudzianowski. Is this a fight you would like to take and if so, when do you think it may happen?
ALEXANDER EMELIANENKO: I am already contracted with PROFC organization for a fight in Moscow in April 2010 and I heard he wanted to fight with me about that time, so yet we can not fight.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: Did you watch Mariusz Pudzianowski’s fight in his MMA debut at KSW 12, with his win over Marcin Najman? What did you think about the performance if you saw it?
ALEXANDER EMELIANENKO: No I didn`t see that fight but saw his pics in the Internet. I will look through his technique in the near time certainly.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: How would prepare for and fight someone like Pudzianowski who is so big and strong? How would Alexander Emelianenko defeat
ALEXANDER EMELIANENKO: Alex Emelyanenko would win by KO or submit him if he would settle the fight on the ground. I have a great experience in fighting with such big and strong fighters.

What a proud moment for the sport that fight that would be … steroids posterboy versus probably diseased little brother of Fedor. Speaking of probably being diseased, Aleks is still claiming he’s perfectly fine:

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: There was a problem last time when you were going to fight with Affliction, an issue where you could not get the license. Would that be a problem again – can you get licensed to fight in America?
ALEXANDER EMELIANENKO: There will not be problems like that anymore and I can pass all necessary steps to get licenced just after signing a contract with the American organization.

There’s always the chance that Aleks has the kind of ‘problem’ (‘Problem’ B) which apparently can go away, which would be great news indeed. But until he fights somewhere that will actually test him and verify his ‘problem’ isn’t potentially contagious, I’m not about to make that assumption and neither should anyone else. But hey, apparently no one cares about him possibly fighting with a communicable disease, the same way no one cares that Pudz is juiced to the tips of his giant tits. Because us MMA fans are classy like that.