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Aldo has ‘what it takes to fight in the UFC’

Every time there’s a 145 pound champ that’s put an asswhupping on some people, everyone starts talking about them moving up to 155. The UFC 155 pound division, though. Not the WEC’s. That would be stupid. So really all everyone is talking about is getting these good fighters out of the WEC and onto UFC cards pronto so the unwashed masses can get a taste.

Faber was down with that when he was on top. So was Mike Brown for the five minutes he held the belt. And of course Jose Aldo is also cool with the idea of more money and exposure in the UFC:

Shortly following each of your wins everyone always talks about the possibility of your moving up in weight and even having a title fight in the UFC lightweight division. Do you think you’ll do well in the division above yours? Would you accept a 155-lbs fight?

I would, for sure. I have what it takes to fight in the UFC, but that doesn’t depend on me. I’d have to talk to the people who work with me, like Dedé (Pederneiras), my coach, and Joinha (Jorge Guimarães), my manager. What they decide on is always what’s best. But I believe I have all it takes to fight in the upper division. There’d be no problem at all.

No problem other than the UFC and WEC staying as seperate promotions. Jose has a better chance of putting on a wig and fighting in the Strikefore Women’s Division (Aldo vs Cyborg!) than getting brought up to the UFC lightweight division at this time.

But who knows what the future holds in terms of a merge. Dana White recently told Carmichael Dave “The (expletive) we are going to do in the next year is going to blow your mind.” And while we have no idea what that means, I know what we all want it to mean.

  • knopfauge says:

    maybe he meant mousasi,aldo and fedor?:-)

  • Omomatta says:

    I figure he just means signing a deal with ESPN Uruguay.

  • frickshun says:

    I already know the big surprise for next year……Jakks dolls w/removable mouthpieces that can be hung on their ears!!

  • Omomatta says:

    Where can I pre-order?

  • Márcio says:

    I love Jose Aldo as much as the next guy but all this talk of moving up in weight is coming way too early, only two years ago Faber was the king of 145, Aldo only has two title defenses, I would like him to defend his title for a while longer before this talk of moving up in weight makes sense.