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Alan Belcher thinks he’s awesome

Okay I get it. If you wanna be hot shit in the UFC you have to have personality, or barring that, a gimmick. But does Alan Belcher’s gimmick really have to be ‘cocky delusional guy’? He’s in this video right here talking about how he’s “one of the best in his division” – 21st best according to Bloody Elbow’s ranking … the only ranking that goes high enough to include him – and “one of the best fighters to ever fight.” I’ll get back to you when I find a ‘best fighters to ever fight’ list that hits quad digits.

Now I like Alan Belcher even though the majority of my Belcher-derived entertainment comes in the form of his ego / hair / shorts / tattoos rather than from any actual fighting. He’s even got just cause for being pleased with himself after taking out Wilson Gouveia so easily at UFC 107. But calling himself one of the best fighters ever may be a tad much. Maybe Alan and Patrick Cote need to throw down for a title one of them can actually achieve: most self-deluded. Perhaps not most self-deluded ever, but certainly most deluded in their division.