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Alan Belcher talks about his spinal fracture

More info coming out on Alan Belcher’s terrifying sounding spinal fracture. Here he is on the MMA Hour explaining what that’s all about:

I’ve had probably some issues with my back the last couple of years and I just really needed some time off. This time it hit me in the middle of the training camp. I think it was the night i signed the fight with Vitor Belfort I came in the next day to train and about 10 minutes into the training session I was laying on the floor and I lay there for an hour with an ice pack and this time it kept me out for three weeks. At that point i was out of the fight and my back’s never heart like this. Went to the doctor who took some X-rays and said there’s a bone at the bottom of your spine that’s got a fracture on both sides. Looks like it might have been there for a while but it’s just kinda pushed over the limit. You’ll need some intense physiotherapy but you’re probably not going to get to train the way you want to for that fight.

In another interview with BJ Penn he calls it a spinous process fracture, which according to the 10 seconds of research I did means he busted up the little poking out thingy on the back of his spine. Yes, welcome to Fightlinker. Come for the fart jokes, stay for the detailed medical diagnoses.