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Alan Belcher squeaks a win in

I like Alan Belcher despite the fact that he keeps on showing up for his fights in the most retarded shorts ever. At UFC 83 he looked like he was wearing a bunch of Heineken labels sewn together. This time he went for the red diaper motif – again, not really my bag.

Regardless, he usually puts up a pretty good fight. Last time he was in the ring he got absolutely ruined by Jason Day so I was excited to see if the Alan we’d see tonight was new and improved. Unfortunately it seemed like both Belcher and Ed Herman were off.

You know the score: Ed’s the ground guy and Alan is the striker. But both of them just couldn’t seem to get their respective shit together. Belcher was landing but he wasn’t following through with any combos. Herman did well enough on the ground but he wasn’t pushing to get the fight there.

Overall, it was an interesting fight but it was frustrating to see these guys struggle to get their games rolling against eachother.

I had the first round for Herman and the second for Belcher. The third was in Belcher’s pocket till he ended up in full fucking mount for the end of the fight. I’m interested in knowing if the judges who gave it to Belcher had given him the first round or if they thought that finish wasn’t worth as much as I thought it was worth.