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Alan Belcher lives in Candy Gumdrop Land

I think we all had a good laugh at Alan Belcher’s post fight comments where he talked about wanting a middleweight title shot and how he was at the top of the middleweight division. This kind of talk would be amusing in the best of times, but it seemed especially ludicrous after losing the entire fight against Denis Kang right up until he sunk that gift choke. Not that I’m dismissing the finish or anything. I’m just not dismissing the nine and a half minutes where Belcher was getting handled.

It turns out that Alan’s post fight speech isn’t the only sign that he’s living in a fantasy world. There’s always a certain amount of self-delusion you have to embark on when you end up with a tattoo as horrible as his, but the real doozy is from an interview shortly before his fight at UFC 93:

Cory Brady: What can people expect to see from Alan Belcher in the future?

Alan Belcher: My goal, is to become the best fighter in MMA and definitely the best striker. I think I’m getting closer at becoming the best striker. I’m looking at that belt though. I’m starting to get the confidence and realizing that it is actually possible for me to become champion so I’m going to start coming after some guys. If the UFC is cool with it I wouldn’t mind going up to 205 and getting a couple fights in there.

Cory Brady: So you’re considering a move up?

Alan Belcher: Oh yeah. I would definitely fight Rich Franklin or Dan Henderson at 205. It would be interesting just to take a break from cutting weight. I want to stay busy and keep fighting a lot and it would make it a lot easier if I didn’t have to worry about cutting weight all the time.

Cory Brady: What do you walk around at typically?

Alan Belcher: When I’m really training I’m usually around 215 but I have to work hard to stay there. Getting down to 210 is a little tougher and then down from there is obviously extremely difficult. I’d like to get a couple fights at light heavyweight before I move up permanently but the goal is to get the middleweight belt and then move up. I definitely want to move up in the future because I want to do this for a long time and I can’t see myself making the cut to middleweight forever.

I feel like I missed the boat on this one. Here I’ve been getting all excited about GSP and BJ Penn duking it out at the end of the month when I should really be hyped about Alan Belcher getting ready to route the middleweight and light heavyweight divisions!