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Al-Turk wants Mirko loss overturned

While Mirko Crocop’s future in the UFC remains dubious at best, he might find his 2-2 record with the promotion drop to 1-2-1 if Mostafa Al-Turk has his way:

“We are going to appeal that, we don’t think its right that it should be a TKO. The referee should have got onto the eye poke,” said Al-Turk’s agent Ken Pavia. “Look at Henderson v Franklin at UFC 93 in Dublin. Franklin got a timeout when he got eye-poked.

“With the fight taking place in Germany we aren’t sure what the protocol is, but we will put our appeal in writing and see what we can do.”

The fun thing about this is that there was no German commission overseeing UFC 99 … as with the UK shows, the UFC takes care of things themselves using NSAC rules as a guideline. And while Crocop clearly poked Al-Turk in the eye, this exact same situation has happened before between Kevin Burns and Anthony Johnson in Nevada.

Burns finished Johnson off with his third eye poke of the night, the ref didn’t call it, and Johnson (via Ken Pavia, oh how history repeats) contested the outcome. The result? The win stood due to ‘lack of remedy’… in other words, there was no rule permitting Nevada to overturn the win. Ya know, because MMA is still regulated by boxing douchebags who haven’t figured out how to deal with greasing and eye pokes after how many years?

My bet: The win stands regardless of where Crocop ends up. If the UFC follows Nevada’s rules like they’ve stated they will, then they’re impotent to do anything about it. And if they don’t, it would result in an epic fanboy shitstorm and potential lawsuit. It would also be interesting to see which sites would recognize the UFC’s decision. But who knows … Dana White can be a petty, petty man when he feels like it, and it’s not like he doesn’t have an army of lawyers sitting around getting paid to play Solitaire at the moment.