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Akiyama out of DREAM middleweight tournament

There seems to be a trend lately where fighters are all about posting up pictures of their injuries and xrays to prove that they’re really injured. I suppose it’s kinda required nowadays, where you’ve got half the universe shitting all over Shinya Aoki for complaining about a nuclear elbow delivered straight to his neck and Kalib Starnes for complaining about a broken foot (more on that one later today though). The latest guy who’s got his doctor’s note: Akiyama, who’s pulling out of the DREAM middleweight tournament with a fractured nose.

As a result of an examination he found out his nose was fractured, however, he kept training. He believed he could fight in some way or other because the nose wasn’t swollen and stopped bleeding. He was going to fight without telling about his nose if his doctor didn’t stop him. Although, his doctor warned him that his fight would be stopped whenever he got a single punch and started bleeding. Akiyama showed press the diagnosis and his x-ray.

So once again it’s a case of better safe than sorry. Now you might be thinking “So what if there’s a little blood?”, but remember that the Takanori Gomi / Duane Ludwig fight was stopped on account of a bleeding nose. And before you say “But that was with a filthy gaijin, refs let Asian fighters get beaten to a pulp“, don’t forget that Akiyama is still prone to getting fucked over on account of being of Korean descent.