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Akiyama gets some of his own medicine

Early in the wee hours of Monday morning ‘America Time’, a certain individual by the name of Misaki was busy soccer kicking the shit out of another guy by the name of Akiyama. Of course, soccer kicks to an opponent in the ‘four point position’ (aka forward facing doggy style) are illegal! But who cares about that? Akiyama ‘got away‘ with cheating against Sakuraba! Poor Sak kept slipping off Akiyama’s legs and took a beating from his greased up opponent.

It almost hits the level of poetic justice that Akiyama got finished by a potentially illegal blow, especially considering that during his entrance they repeatedly shows a bottle of Oil of Olay with it’s contents slowly and erotically being squeezed out.

Of course, any good controversy wouldn’t be complete without a big question mark surrounding the actual legality of the strike. General understanding of the four point position is it is ‘hands and knees’. But there’s talk that four point can also apply to ‘hands and feet’ … after all, the technical definition of four ‘points’ being on the ground means four things, so you can’t really argue that.

I’m sure there must be amateur wrestlers on this site that can tell us what the wrestling dictionary definition of ‘four point’ is, but who knows if that’s the same in Japan. After all, in America, a ‘happy ending’ would have been all the humans in the Transformers movie dying a slow and painful death followed by an hour of awesome robot on robot action. But in Japan, ‘happy ending’ just lands you in a small cell for a few days and disgusted looks from the prison guards.

Here’s the translated rules direct from the Yarennoka page, not that it will do much good here:

â–  four-point position and “Inoki- Ali state” in the leg by a hammer about Canada craniofacial called for the foul and trample SAKKABORUKIKKU. However, craniofacial fouls to the knee in the attack.
However, Choi Hong-Man vs Fedor Emelianenko game only, craniofacial SAKKABORUKIKKU to trample, in addition to the knee craniofacial fouls and also attack.

this rule, the putative Situation

HIZA kicked four points from the position <br /> in the ground state, one’s hands and feet, and other body parts to the mat with four points in the state, the so-called “four-point position” against a state to recognize HIZA Kick.
Inoki- Ali states” from the head than to kick so-called “Inoki – Ali states” from craniofacial than to acknowledge Kick trample.
side from the position of craniofacial HIZA Kick <br /> HIZA kick from the side position to admit. However, the player’s position is up on the stand to face HIZA down from the position of prohibited acts.

4 × position “猪木- Ali states” from the craniofacial SAKKABORUKIKKU, trample <br /> players standing position by the state of the ground state position player to trample the facial kick to the head prohibited.

  • Audacity says:

    I think the rules speak for themself.

  • kentyman says:

    Craniofacial is my new favorite word.

  • Dangerfield says:

    “not in the cranio please, I dont want it in my hair”

  • kentyman says:

    Talk about gettin’ no respect!

  • frickshun says:

    Isn’t “4 Points” where the Dead Rabbits hang out? VOTE TAMMANY!

  • Matto says:

    Umm… I know that Hiza sounds like the Japanese word for knee, if that helps.

    Oh and “craniofacial” is Japanese for “eye-gouging using a spork”

  • el feo says:

    his knees were up, LEGAL

  • hbdale309 says:

    Damn you, Fightlinker. You know Akiyama didn’t cheat. I typed a long comment about this on your site like 6 mos ago, and I’m too lazy to thouroughly support my argument all over again. I’ll just say this: the Japs hate the Koreans so they fucked Akiyama, b/c their ego couldn’t handle a dirty Korean stomping a mud hole in their country’s poster boy.

  • Roxy says:

    So…I read the Japanese rules, and it says:

    It said that when someone is in the four-point position (with both hands and feet touching the ground) soccer ball kicks to the head and face are illegal, but knees aren’t.

    Then it said something like “BUT in the case of Fedor and (the other guy) it was a foul. (huh?) Then it said “that’s just a hypothetical situation.” (huh?)

    Sorry, my Japanese ability can’t comprehend that one, but I don’t think it has anything to do with Akiyama’s fight anyway.

    So I talked to one of the guys at my gym, and he thought it was illegal, and he said the president through it was illegal, so that confused me, because wouldn’t that make it ….illegal? 😡 I watched the vid on youtube and wasn’t sure if his hands left the ground the moment of the kicks’ impact, but of course, the ref can’t squint at a computer screen and watch frame by frame, right? That pic for the topic of this shows clearly, his hands were on the ground, right? Butthe guy at my gym (who also refs) said that Akiyama was trying to get up, but he’d been knocked down, and it was in the scramble to get up, so maybe that’s why the decision stood?

    I’m not sure how to feel about Akiyama. A good pro-fighter friend of mine says, “Of course Akiyama didn’t mean to cheat! He has dry skin and is known for using a lot of lotion, but this time it just happened to be a problem in a match. And that everyone loves Saku so they made a big deal.”

    I dunno…I’ve talked to Akiyama (he sometimes trains at Keishukai), but not enough to really know him.