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Gono talks UFC bonus money

Here’s Akihiro Gono talking about the UFC sending him bonus money for his awesome dance number and his attempt to speak English UFC 89. Note that this is translated by Japanese blogger Gryphon, who also attempts to write English. I give him a spiritual bonus for trying hard … his translation made my day:

UFC send me “FIGHTER BONUS”………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

this bonus has letter too.

“Dana White and Rorenzo give you bonus for your promotion and effort”

it probably means entrance performance,but If it include my English talking,i am glad

but,to say the trush, I wanted to tell you “WINNER interview”,it is prepared paerfectly. I am sorry.

My Winnertalk could heat up house………

but,This bonus is valuable as much as WINNER bonus for me.

because not only winner or loser,

An asian fighte GONO AKIHIRO is known as totalpackage character.i feel

my motivation is up and up,

and UFC offer me!

absolutely OK!!

Rorenzo. Classic.